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Sunday, 27th of May, 2018

Playlist 27.05.18 (9:09 pm)

So much good music, and that's lucky because we only play good music over here!

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Shoeb Ahmad - "lope" [Art as Catharsis]
Shoeb Ahmad - "status anxiety" (tilman robinson remix) [Art as Catharsis]
Finally, Shoeb Ahmad's new album is dropping tomorrow - released through the all-label, the grand poobahs of good taste, Art As Catharsis. Borne from a period where she grappled with gender identity, and the intersection of this with identities of race and religion as well as the external identity expectations of friends, family and strangers, it's a masterwork of indie-soul songs with creative arrangements. There's a special CD edition accompanied by a slew of great remixes, and I won't play you any of the exclusives yet, but here's a stunning take by Melbourne-based Perth composer Tilman Robinson from last year (it'll be included).

Tourist Kid - Discourse II [Melody As Truth]
Tourist Kid - Learn [Melody As Truth]
Speaking of Melbourne-based Perth artists, Tourist Kid's new album is out now, on Dutch label Melody As Truth. I heard of him last year via a remix of Perth postrock band Original Past Life, but he also has a previous on uber-cool Melbourne label This Thing. This is quite exquisite stuff, juxtaposing stuttery chopped-up glitch elements and expansive pads along with some strings and wordless vocals.

Liminal Drifter - The Dreams [Hidden Shoal]
Nice to have something new from Dr Simon Order aka Liminal Drifter. Also from Perth, what is it with that city? Although Order is originally from the UK, but clearly settled there because of its great music scene... With some funky melodic idm-tinged beats here.

The Black Hundred - Completion (Mangabros Mucking Fuddle Mix) [Polyglot Records]
Melbourne's The Black Hundred are now... well, inasmuch as they're sometimes just James McGauran, they're now based in Sweden. Out now is a remix album with an international cast of like-minded artists across the industrial, postrock and electronic spectrum doing their takes on The Black Hundred's material - tonight we heard from UK oddball post-industrial collective Mangabros.

Philippe Petit & Friends - The Hammer + The Compliant Man feat. Eugene S. Robinson [Aagoo]
Dagger Moth & Philippe Petit - Ovaries (Philippe Petit Rmx) [Jelodanti Records]
Philippe Petit & Friends - U & I feat. Jad Fair [Aagoo]
The latest album from Philippe Petit, that musical travel agent from Marseilles, is once again a collaborative affair with his "& Friends", including as usual Hervé Vincenti and many others. This isn't the first time he's worked with Eugene S. Robinson of art-punks Oxbow, but it's delightfully unhinged. Equally freaky is the track featuring legendary US outsider artist Jad Fair, whose vocals are relentlessly processed throughout. Meanwhile, as I was putting together the playlist Philippe sent me another new release - a 7" with Italian experimental pop artist Dagger Moth aka Sara Ardizzoni.

Sonae - Soul Eater [Monika Enterprise]
Sonae - White Trash Rouge Noir [Monika Enterprise]
The second album from Sonia Güttler aka Sonae is called I Started Wearing Black. A lot of it nicely fits the description from Resident Advisor found on her webpages of "patient forest techno" - but there's also a darkness & heaviness you'd associate with that album title. There's some expert sound design in here - indecipherable field recordings, processed acoustic instruments and pure electronics, ambient passages and crunching beats.

Jemh Circs - 000 [Cellule 75]
Jemh Circs - Ordre [Cellule 75]
Jemh Circs - Lac Dali [Cellule 75]
Second album from Marc Richter aka Black to Comm's vaporwave alias Jemh Circs. Eviscerated pop and YouTube samples, digitally chopped and layered... disorienting fun. Middle track is from the first album.

Mind Over MIDI - Våken drøm [Hibernate]
Mind Over MIDI - Himmelflukt [Hibernate]
Norwegian producer Helge Tømmervåg aka Mind Over MIDI makes rainy far-north ambient stuff. Icy cold but comfortingly warm as well, with plinky-plonky soft basslines and synth pads under field recordings.

Cameron Day - My Body and My Blood [Fluid Audio]
Cameron Day - The Myth of Disenchantment [Fluid Audio]
Fluid Radio's label arm, Fluid Audio, release incredibly intricate art pieces as limited physical CD editions, with impeccable curation. Here they've found Chicago artist Cameron Day, who works with arcane, beautiful tape manipulation of looped classical and other samples. I noticed that the second track I played is basically a cheeky manipulation of Björk's "Frosti" from Vespertine. I've found one other release here, also charmingly weird.

Sunna - Amma (Good Moon Deer Remix) [Sunna Bandcamp]
We've heard the excellent vocal/electronic songs of Sunna before, including the original version of this track which was featured on a Wire Magazine compilation a few months ago. Here's she's remixed by fellow Icelander Good Moon Deer, whose moniker is a humorous take on his actual first name. Guðmundur Úlfarsson in fact co-runs new label Unfiled, who released an excellent EP by Allenheimer also a few months ago - hope we hear more from them soon!

Rain Text - 2.2 [Bastakiya Tapes]
Rain Text - 2.1 [Bastakiya Tapes]
This is the second release from the Italian duo Rain Text, made up of legendary experimental sound-artist Giuseppe Ielasi (sometimes known as Inventing Masks) and electronic artist Giovanni Marco Civitenga (who's had an album released on Brainfeeder). They make minimal techno with broken beats, built from a constrained range of sound sources on each track, each gradually revealing more as it progresses.

clipping. - Face (Youth Code Remix) [Deathbomb Arc]
Here's one of the bonus remixes featured on the reissue/remaster of clipping.'s fast EP, originally released by Deathbomb Arc in 2012. EBM duo Youth Code (here I think just Sara Taylor) take it straight to the industro-gothic dancefloor.

Listen again — ~201MB

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