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Sunday, 13th of May, 2018

Playlist 13.05.18 (9:09 pm)

Eclectic sounds on the show tonight, mostly pretty electronic/experimental, but with some postpunk sounds from everyone's favourite rude-word band.

LISTEN AGAIN for the requisite mind-expansion. Stream on demand from FBi and podcast here.

Tropical Fuck Storm - Rubber Bullies [Tropical Fuck Storm Records/Mistletone]
Tropical Fuck Storm - Shellfish Toxin [Tropical Fuck Storm Records/Mistletone]
The last Drones album was quite a departure, incorporating a lot more electronics and a female vocal chorus behind Gareth Liddiard's gruff vocals. Tropical Fuck Storm basically continues further in that direction, with Liddiard and Fiona Kitschin from the Drones joined by Lauren Hammel of High Tension and Erica Dunn from Harmony. Liddiard sings obliquely of the woes of the world with his characteristic snarl, and behind the punk attitude and DIY electronics there's the usual incredibly sophisticated melodies, harmonisation, chord progressions... The second track I chose is mostly instrumental, but the brilliantly-arranged (and performed) female chorus subtly interject nonetheless.

Hannah Silva - Puffer Jacket & Sushi [Human Kind Records]
Hannah Silva - Writing to someone else's music [Human Kind Records]
Hannah Silva - Pain [Human Kind Records]
Not quite performance poetry or spoken word, not actually rap, the vocal acrobatics and storytelling of Hannah Silva are sui generis. Utterly confident and incredibly accomplished, her vocals on her album Talk in a bit are joined by various modular synths, live drums/percussion, and five-string electric cello, for a raw & visceral sound. Amazing debut.

Revisiting the excellent compilation from Ptwiggs & Grasps_' ETERNAL project that came out a month & a bit ago, with Australian & international artists - one of each tonight. I believe now Melbourne-based is CORIN Ileto, with some bass-heavy atmospherics. And a very idiosyncratic take on vaporwave/mashup from German(?) artist IN MY TALONS.

PanchSM (feat. NNOA) - Articulo [NON WORLDWIDE]
A few weeks ago, NON WORLDWIDE put out a trilogy of compilations featuring a plethora of artists of colour from all around the world - broader than the African Diaspora artists already championed by the label & collective founded by London-based Nkisi, South Africa's Angel-Ho and US-based Chino Amobi. There's heaps of crazy stuff across the three comps, from r'n'b to techno to bass & hip-hop, most of it solidly leftfield & experimental. Nkisi's track is a a mini-epic of blissfully noisy techno, with Detroit/idm flavours buried under the harsh percussion. PanchSM and NNOA are Mexican artists, contributing some glitchy beats with strange Blade Runner overtones.

Ash Koosha - End The End [REALMS]
Ash Koosha - Harbour [Olde English Spelling Bee]
Ash Koosha - Needs [Ninja Tune]
Jack Colwell - Far From View (Ash Koosha Remake) [self-released]
Ash Koosha - Neural Lace [REALMS]
Ashkan Kooshanejad fled Iran after releasing a film about the country's underground music scene, seeking asylum in the UK. He's been making music as Ash Koosha for a few years, incredibly intricate glitchy bass music, in tune with the times but always with his very personal character. On his new album Kooshanejad introduces his own vocals on a few tracks, albeit electronically treated.

ZULI - Ladies and gents [Haunter Records]
ZULI - Robotic Jabs in 4D [UIQ]
ZULI - Trigger Finger [Haunter Records]
Cairo producer ZULI is known in the scene for his beats for Egyptian rappers, but now has a few international releases under his belt - for Lee Gamble's UIQ and now Milan-based Haunter Records. Glitchy stop-start beats and textures and heavy bass abound. On the title track to the new EP there are even slowed-down amen breaks, referencing the drum'n'bass & jungle that we're about to head into...

Sully - Vacancy [Uncertain Hour]
Sully - Soundboy Don't Push Your Luck [Rua]
Initially producing totally on-point grime productions, Sully surprised everyone with a double-12" of absolutely pitch-perfect jungle back in 2014 on Keysound Recordings. Since then he's bounced between grime & jungle, but he's just started a label, Uncertain Hour, dedicated to releasing his junglist productions. Nice! And only a month and a bit ago he put out another pair of jungle tracks on Rua Sound.

Via Maris - Shelleys [Mistry]
Via Maris - Toys [Mistry]
Bristol producer Via Maris has one 12" out on Livity Sound, and has just now dropped three very different tracks for Beneath's Mistry label. The title track is buzzy, psychedelic syncopated techno, while "Toys" is a more melodic affair harkening back to Detroit techno and '90s idm.

Böhm - Snodrone [Tandem Tapes]
Newie from the ever-reliable Tandem Tapes, run currently out of Jakarta, Indonesia by Aussie Morgan McKellar. This is Texan artist Böhm with some awesome tape manipulation and guitar drone.

Drew Daniel/John Wiese - Abhorred Shears [Helicopter]
First duo recordings from Matmos' Drew Daniel (aka The Soft Pink Truth) and noise legend John Wiese. The harsh noise characteristic of Wiese's productions is there in force, but often filtered through Daniel's rhythmic sensibilities, making it juuuuust a little bit more accessible.

Listen again — ~213MB

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