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Sunday, 20th of August, 2017

Playlist 20.08.17 (12:55 am)

A musical adventure today, from acoustic cello+songwriting through chugging doom’n’drone, shoegaze, electronica and glitchy folktronica…

LISTEN AGAIN for the drifty feels, via FBi’s listen on demand, or podcast here.

Mary Rapp – Passers By [Mary Rapp Bandcamp]
Mary Rapp is a highly accomplished double bass player, performing with various jazz ensembles (her own and others’) – but she’s also an accomplished cellist, playing both instruments in contemporary classical circles as well as jazz. This piece showcases another side of her talent, however, for incisive, unbridled songwriting. Live, she performs vocals and cello simultaneously, acoustically, but here there are two cello lines layered along with the vocals. Hopefully we hear more from this project soon!

Kryshe – Lullaby (Liminal Drifter Night Train Remix) [Hidden Shoal]
Liminal Drifter – A Love Song for Ghosts [Hidden Shoal]
Liminal Drifter – One Little Nudge Mash (p_Frisk remix) [Hidden Shoal]
Perth academic Simon Order released his first album as Liminal Drifter in 2015 on Hidden Shoal – a lovely release full of ’90s-style electronic beats & ambience. This new album is mainly remixes of the original album – the mysterious p_Frisk here mashes up the original track I played above with some other stuff – but also features the artist himself on the remix duties as we heard at the top.

FOREVR – Columbus [Tym Records/FOREVR Bandcamp]
FOREVR – Living With A Black Dog [Tym Records/FOREVR Bandcamp]
After featuring a few tracks from Brisbane shoegazers FOREVR last week, we’re back for a second helping this week. They released not one, but TWO albums last week, and we neglected Classics in favour of the slightly more experimental Death is a miracle, so tonight we start with a cut from the other album. They’ve really nailed the combination of electronics with shoegazey songwriting and guitars. Top quality.

thisquietarmy – Welcome To Mendacity [Midira Records]
thisquietarmy – Transhumanism [Midira Records]
Montréal artist Erci Quach has been quietly releasing reams and reams of drone & doom as thisquietarmy for over 10 years, including collaborations with the likes of Aidan Baker of Nadja et al. His new album Democracy of Dust originated with synth parts recorded during a residency in São Paulo, with guitar heaviness added back home.

Caudal – Murk (TQA Remix by thisquietarmy) [Midira Records]
Piiptsjilling – Kobbeswerk (Ninemiles Remix) [Midira Records]
Piiptsjilling – Smjunt [Peter Foolen Editions]
thisquietarmy also turns up on Midira Records‘ massive 4 cassette boxset of label remixes, which swaps tracks around artists like MachinefabriekAidan BakerAndrea BelfiZenjungle and many others.
Dutch quartet Piiptsjilling also appear, here remixed by Midira regular Ninemiles, taking their drone’n’spoken-word into pulsing, tribal patterns. Piiptsjilling also have a new album out themselves on Peter Foolen Editions. The band features brothers Jan & Romke Kleefstra on spoken word and guitar, artist Mariska Baars on vocals and Rutger Zuydervelt aka Machinefabriek on sounds. They’ve released a number of albums now of moody, shifting textures underscoring Jan Kleefstra’s poems, which you & I are not alone in not understanding, as they’re delivered in Frisian, a language spoken only in a northern area of The Netherlands. I find it fascinating to listen to.

Shinya Sugimoto & Jeremy Young with Julia Kent – Fiction 3 [Phinery]
Shinya Sugimoto & Jeremy Young with Julia Kent – Nocturne [Phinery]
Incredible album here in which the piano of Shinya Sugimoto, organ of Jeremy Young and cello of Julia Kent enter into a kind of dialogue with Young’s field recordings and tape manipulations. It’s kind of what I’d like “post-classical” to be (although more of that next week…) – I can’t recommend this highly enough for your ambient reveries (if you don’t mind some strange dreams).

Minced Oath – Not Without My Spine [Countersunk]
Minced Oath – 38 Petaflops [Countersunk]
Dunk Murphy is best known probably for his melodic, funky, complex idm as Sunken Foal, and was heard most recently on this show with a few releases with singer/songwriter Carol Keogh as The Natural History Museum. His latest project as Minced Oath finds him going all Selected Ambient Works Vol II, with beautiful wafting melodies and pads, and occasional pulsations.

Mark Templeton – Cab Lights [Graphical Recordings]
Mark Templeton – I Cut Along Lines [Anticipate Recordings/Mark Templeton Bandcamp]
Mark Templeton – West of Fabric pt. 2 [Anticipate Recordings/Mark Templeton Bandcamp]
Mark Templeton – organ moods [Sweat Lodge Guru/Mark Templeton Bandcamp]
Mark Templeton – kingdom key [Under The Spire/Mark Templeton Bandcamp]
Mark Templeton – factory fire [Mark Templeton Bandcamp]
Mark Templeton – Gentle Story Part 1 [Graphical Recordings]
Canadian artist Mark Templeton has been putting out grainy, glitchy ambient & folktronica for over 10 years now. Acoustic instruments come in and out of focus, sometimes processed digitally, sometimes stuttering and rewinding. Mostly the sound sources are his own or field recordings, although there’s a cheeky sample of Kate Bush’s “The Man With The Cloud in His Eyes” on the 2007 track “I Cut Along Lines”. Much of his back catalogue was released on Ezekiel Honig‘s Anticipate Recordings, although he’s branched out into various indie labels in the ambient/experimental space, and his new album – the third in the “heart” trilogy – comes through his own Graphical Recordings. Templeton’s classic Utility Fog material, well worth exploring on his Bandcamp.

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