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Sunday, 23rd of March, 2014

Playlist 23.03.14 (9:05 pm)

A nice dark show for you oh yes oh yes.

LISTEN AGAIN and all that jazz! Linking is a bottom, streaming is fun!

A little young gods in our hands to start off, with a crazy funky evil song from Swans' forthcoming album I cannot hold in my excitement oh oh oh oh!
And new Nadja! Even though Aidan Baker is incredibly prolific, it's still exciting to have some heavy riffage from his doomy duo with Leah Buckareff. When it gets loud and compressed it's epic.

Also heavy and oppressive is the new Machinedrum remix by On-U Sound man Sherwood & Pinch. It's quite something, and then equally fucked-up is the abstract take from New Zealand d'n'b head Fis.

New from The Atlas Room is a three-part ambient techno composition from a split 10" with From Trees.

Sun Hammer's one of those recent dronemeisters who's branched out into beats - he's always had a nice sub-bass weight to his productions, and it's nice hearing these idm-style beats appear here.

And speaking of that, here we have Bolder, new on the legendary (Editions) Mego. This is a collaboration between Mego veteran Pure and hard techno/breakcore veteran Goner. That makes them sound like old-aged pensioners but they're anything but - it's just that they have a history in both glitchy laptop-scapes and the hardcore end of club music, and it's great hearing the post-industrial beats here in the context of sound-art. In there also is a lesser-known Fennesz remix of a breakcore tune by (DJ) Pure along with Christoph Fringeli of the noise/hardcore label http://praxis.c8.com/ and its breakcore offshoot Sub/Version.

Not so much hardcore but still techno of sorts is Ricardo Donoso, released on the magnificent Digitalis Recordings. We have two very dark remixes from ex-Sydney ex-dubstep artist Paul Jebanasam (now based in Bristol and heading up the amazing Subtext Recordings) and experimental electronic producer Yves De Mey...

Finally, a shorter-than-intended special on ex-Melbourne postpunks HTRK, whose new album is their most electronic and perhaps least dark & distorted... It's lovely, but it's also nice to hear the grainy, heavier sounds of yore (the little that I could include), including a remix from Pan Sonic's Mika Vainio.

Swans - A Little God In My Hands [Young God]
Nadja - Dark Circles [Essence Music/Broken Spine]
Machinedrum - Eyesdontlie (Sherwood & Pinch Clash Machinedrum Dub Fi Dub, Downtown, Uptown and All Around Town Remix) [Ninja Tune]
Machinedrum - Eyesdontlie (Fis Remix) [Ninja Tune]
The Atlas Room - By Nature I: At a Glacial Pace; II: Coastal Drift; III: Horizons In Motion [The Atlas Room Bandcamp]
Sun Hammer - 18_trim-mix2-2 [Sun Hammer Bandcamp]
Sun Hammer - 22_SEQ7-3 [Sun Hammer Bandcamp]
Bolder - Sinking Cities [Editions Mego]
Christoph Fringeli & Pure - Darkstar (Fennesz remix) [Sub/Version]
Pure - (Goner's Morbid Rave Refix) [Crónica]
Bolder - Deep Cuts [Editions Mego]
Ricardo Donoso - Affirmation (Paul Jebanasam remix) [Digitalis Recordings]
Ricardo Donoso - The Sphynx (Yves De Mey remix) [Digitalis Recordings]
HTRK - Give It Up [Ghostly International]
HTRK - Hate Rock Trio [Fire Records]
HTRK - Poison (Mika Vainio Remix) [Ghostly International]
HTRK - Blue Sunshine [Ghostly International]

Listen again — ~105MB

2 Responses to “Playlist 23.03.14”

  1. arno Says:

    great show!

  2. Peter Says:

    Thanks! Particularly nice to hear because I've been in the recording studio all weekend and was feeling a little apprehensive about getting on air unprepared :)

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