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Sunday, 9th of September, 2012

Playlist 09.09.12 (10:13 pm)

Ah, the world keeps creating kickass music and I keep playing it to you. It's the way things should be.
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Started tonight with a big special on the amazing Japanese postrock band toe. So glad I visited White Noise Records in Hong Kong in July. They're obsessed with these guys, and have co-released or re-released most of their music for HK. Some Hong Kong artists guest on their more recent releases too. They have that joyful love of glitchy digital cut-up studio stuff, an absolutely insanely great drummer, they drop vocals in when they feel like it, and altogether keep the freak flag flying for this kind of fun, energetic postrock. Love it.

Also from Japan are some absoultely amazing sounds from young Tokyo producer Ametsub. His first album came out in 2006 on Progressive Form and is pretty hard to find these days, but the other two are still available, and all are amazing. There's lushly-recorded piano on a lot of tracks, liberally processed, chopped up and generally fucked with, along with electronics, samples and crunchy beats. There are some real head-nodding contemporary-sounding beats in there too, as well as some more . Very very fine, do check this out.

Sydney artist Mannheim Rocket has relocated to Berlin for a while, but that hasn't slowed the releases on his 3BS Records. The latest is a split with Glasgow artist Mount Analogue, with the two swapping samples on the two "sides". Nice hearing some good ol' fashioned breakcore from Mount Analogue here.

And we continue the frenetic beats with 0.1 from his 2009 release Liquid Mirror, mixing mad glitchy drill'n'bass with a kind of wispy post-rock songwriting aesthetic. Looking forward to an eventual release on Feral Media

Next up, the new release from Brighton artist Chris Cook, a free download on wombnet. Previously known as Remote, Hot Roddy and Same Actor, he lights out here under his own name for the first time, with an album featuring his characteristic sitar and laptop beats and long with some vocals this time... It's quite dark and distinctly odd, definitely worth a listen.

Hiva Oa are an awesome discovery courtesy of their label mini50records. An Edinburgh trio of guitar/vocals, cello and bass, they're augmented by female vocals, field recordings, studio chatter and some nice processing, as well as drums on a few tracks. It's pretty special stuff, ranging from indiefolk songs to guitar and cello soundscapes and dark upbeat numbers.

Fieldhead's an old Utiity Fog favourite and it's great to have a new album out now (only on vinyl and digital unfortunately). I'll be playing more from him next week, but it's more of his fantastic drones, acoustic instruments and minimal beats, including the violin of Elaine Reynolds from The Boats.

And we finish with a really exciting release from Perth duo Gilded, due out next month. It's a new collaboration between Adam Trainer of legendary postrock band Radarmaker and Matt Rösner aka Pablo Dali. Acoustic instruments, drones, Hood-like vocals, it's gonna be fantastic. They're playing Sydney in late October, so keep an eye out.

toe - the future is now [MachuPicchu Industrias/White Noise Records]
toe - all i understand is that i don't understand [MachuPicchu Industrias/White Noise Records]
toe - メトロノーム (metronome) [MachuPicchu Industrias/White Noise Records]
toe - グッドバイ / Goodbye [MachuPicchu Industrias/White Noise Records]
toe - モスキートンはもう聞こえない#1 [MachuPicchu Industrias/White Noise Records]
toe - モスキートンはもう聞こえない#2 [MachuPicchu Industrias/White Noise Records]
toe - Our Next Movement [MachuPicchu Industrias/White Noise Records]
toe - ordinary days [MachuPicchu Industrias/White Noise Records]
Ametsub - Dimmur [nothings66]
Ametsub - Roving Pianist [Progressive Form]
Ametsub - Lichen With Piano [Mille Plateaux]
Ametsub - Time for Trees [Mille Plateaux]
Ametsub - Precipice Drive [nothings66]
Mannheim Rocket - B1 [3BS Records]
Mount Analogue - B2 [3BS Records]
0.1 - a worm ate the starting point [available from Bandcamp]
Chris Cook - The Gospel According To Dale [wombnet]
Chris Cook - Stand Up [wombnet]
Hiva Oa - Badger [mini50records]
Hiva Oa - The Minder [mini50records]
Hiva Oa - Mindful Of [mini50records]
Fieldhead - neon, ugly [Gizeh Records]
Gilded - Cluttered Room [Hidden Shoal]

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