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Sunday, 6th of June, 2010

Playlist 06.06.10 (11:22 pm)

Quick note: Sadly, FBi's broadcast of the Creative Sydney closing gig is not going ahead, so (happily!) Utility Fog will start on Sunday at the normal 10pm time!

LISTEN AGAIN to the show via the link at the bottom.
You might really want to download tonight's show, as at least 2/3 of it is a tribute to a beautiful soul who left us far too early, at age 29. We're still reeling from the news: the passing of Adam D Mills of sound&fury weighs heavily on us this week, and after an interview with Finland's beautiful Ous Mal we remembered him as we do on this show, through the music he brought us...

But first tonight we heard from a band I think Adam would've enjoyed - the wondrous noise of ZOND, who almost take it into shoegaze territory, as much as punk rock and just... noise. I wanted to play more tonight but will definitely in next week's shortened show.

Next up, two from Holy Fuck, who were being featured on FBi last week, and both of whose albums are excellent dance rock with noise elements - like the similarly-titled Fuck Buttons perhaps, but less techno. And how cool to have Owen Pallett on one track! I have no idea why their latest hit is called "Latin America", but it rocks anyway.

And then... I got a phone call from Finland. Ollie Aarni makes music as Ous Mal and he talked about using cassette decks and turntables, and the natural sound manipulation of old technologies that creates his beautiful nostalgia-imbued sound.

My tribute to the wonderful Adam D Mills covered the whole rest of tonight. I don't like to play my own music on this show, but as this Raven track was written for Adam's Passeridae series, and has a real emotional meaning to me at least, I felt it was appropriate to start my homage with a track of mine. I played piano and cello, with a little laptop processing. Adam was absolutely central in making me finally start making solo music again, and using my own instruments in the mix. I owe a lot to him, as do so many of us — I just wish we could let him know.
You might want to read the enormous outpouring of emotion in this thread on the Mess+Noise discussion boards, which his friend Sophi started in order to tell the community the awful news. A news item later confirmed it, and summarises some of his contributions — and it features a beautiful photo of him that makes me cry whenever I look. I can't write that much about the music tonight, except to say that most of this music was released by Adam on his sound&fury label, and was obviously his passion. The few other tracks are from bands that I know were special to him.
Thanks to Anwyn Crawford, who helped me through the night from faraway New York. She and Shaun Prescott are writing a big article to memorialise Adam, which should be done soon.

ZOND - Io [R.I.P. Society Records]
Holy Fuck - Lovely Allen (feat. Owen Pallett) [Young Turks]
Holy Fuck - Latin America [Young Turks]
Ous Mal - Kumiseva [Preservation]
...and a conversation with the lovely Olli Aarni...
Ous Mal - Merilaulu [Preservation]
Raven - cold afternoon [sound&fury]
Machinefabriek - Second Dew (overdubbed and edited by Adrian Klumpes) [sound&fury]
Shoeb Ahmad - track 4 from Vinyl Sketches 3" CD [sound&fury]
Scissor Lock - scribbles [sound&fury]
moonmilk - my mother in colours [sound&fury]
Mirrored Silver Sea - Coromandel [sound&fury]
Felicity Mangan - Tea Tree [sound&fury]
Anonymeye - The Disambiguation of Anonymeye [sound&fury]
Shoeb Ahmad - Electric Fields [sound&fury]
Spartak - The National Single [sound&fury]
Scissor Lock - for adm (ft Jasper TX & Penelope Joy) [written by Marcus on hearing the news, which I know hit him hard. Listen/download from SoundCloud]
Mirrored Silver Sea - Ghost Blossom [sound&fury]
Heil Spirits - Chasing New Swords, Tracing Oblivion (excerpt) [sound&fury]
Pefkin - Remember the Words [sound&fury]
Bluebottle Kiss - Barbed Wire Star [murmur]
Aaron Martin - Burl [sound&fury]
Yellow Swans - live at sound&fury, 29.10.2005 part two [sound&fury]
Radiohead - Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors [Parlophone]
Nine Inch Nails - Reptile (re-construction by Dave Ogilvie) [Interscope]
How To Destroy Angels - Parasite [self-released] {download free for an email address! - or order CD...}

Listen again — ~ 182MB

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