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Sunday, 20th of December, 2009

Playlist 20.12.09 (10:23 pm)

Good evening, and welcome to the first of two Utility Fog Best-of-2009 shows! Starting with a couple of tracks which are both awesome, and both so new (to me) that I haven't even played them before on the show!
LISTEN AGAIN via link at bottom of playlist. For best results, listen to the following week as well!

Ivan Lisyak’s new 3” EP comes courtesy of boutique label CURT, run by up-and-coming Sydney artist Scissor Lock. The artist link takes you to another outstanding EP (free download) by this Blue Mountains musician.
Carlos Giffoni runs the No Fun label out of Brooklyn, NY, and has released reams of awesome noise, drone and experimental stuff. This track represents the first release in his new analog-synth phase, and it's an awesome blend of sequenced synth lines and squalling noise. I played it at 45 even though I'm fairly sure it's meant to be 33 - I quite like it like that though!

After this we went into a journey through some of my favourite music of the year. I'm not sure I have to spiel my way through the whole lot, but I'd be willing to play Ben Frost’s By The Throat among the very top albums of the year, if not the top (heck, one needs a bit of room to move).
I should also say that I missed heaps of stuff this week - of course, because I am doing two best-of shows. So tune in next Sunday night for Sweet Billy Pilgrim, fieldhead, Ramona Falls, Grizzly Bear, Andrew Bird, Animal Collective, Tellaro, The Middle East, Silkie, Burning Star Core, Busdriver, Caethua, Heather Woods Broderick, Dragging Pianos, Dirty Projectors, dälek, Shadow Huntaz, Radian, Psuche, Aaron Martin, Part Timer, er... and the list goes on.
I will be publishing my comprehensive Utility Fog 2009 rave on these pages and also at Cyclic Defrost as usual... soon...

Ivan Lisyak - The Contestant 1 [CURT]
Carlos Giffoni - Techno [No Fun]
Ben Frost - Híbakúsja [Bedroom Community]
Eskmo - Agnus Dei [Ancestor Media]
Eskmo - San Francisco (The Rhythm) [Ancestor Media]
Tranqill - Payroll (Paul White’s Clean Dub) [Planet µ]
Paul White - The Uprising Of The Insane [One Handed Music]
Luke Vibert - De-Pimp Act [Planet µ]
Luke Vibert - A Fine Line [soundofspeed]
Lucky Dragons - honeycomb house parts 1-3 [Atelier Ciseaux, now also available on Moamoo]
Here We Go Magic - Fangela [Western Vinyl]
Fire on Fire - Assanine Race [Young God Records]
Lessons in Time - How very good this feeling is [4-4-2 music]
Telafonica - Time and Distance [4-4-2 music]
Sam Price - Auto Hackney [New Weird Australia]
Jeff Burch - Untitled 1 (The Western Hour) [New Weird Australia]
afxjim - Through the Woods [Feral Media]
Balmorhea - March 4, 1831 [Western Vinyl/Longtime Listener]
Balmorhea - November 1, 1832 (Peter Broderick remix) [Western Vinyl/Longtime Listener]
soccer Committee / Machinefabriek - christopher (for suzanne) (by peter broderick) [Machinefabriek]
soccer Committee / Machinefabriek - for I am distant (taylor deupree remix) [Machinefabriek]
lsd march - ai no sakebi [Important Records]
Icarus - Selfautoparent (Ital Tek remix) [Rump]
Jon Hopkins - Vessel [Domino]
Jon Hopkins - The Low Places (Geese Remix) [Domino]
John Callaghan - Phylactery [Warp] {cover of "Tilapia" by Autechre}
Pimmon - Come Join the Choir Invisible! [Preservation]
the declining winter - haunt the upper hallways [home assembly]

Listen again — ~ 191MB

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