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Sunday, 9th of August, 2009

Playlist 09.08.09 (11:13 pm)

Good evening! Back from touring, tired but full to the brim with awesome musics! See bottom of playlist to listen again.

Starting with a brilliant three tracks from Italian postrock maestri Giardini di Mirò, from their new album Il fuoco. Amazing crescendo from (dis)quiet to roar in the first track, into propulsive postrocktronica, and gradually glitchier through the third part.
Second artist for tonight is Sydney's Edwin Montgomery, who brought in a new album for FBi's Open Day. I only had some radio edits he did, so next week we'll have full versions of this wonderfully over the top post-classical/postrock stuff.
Just to be over the top, I thought I'd play the first track from Kes Band’ new album, the 10 minute epic "Doors Open Doors Close", which goes from charming folk to proggish drone and back again.
Followed this with fellow Melbournites The Red Tree, and a piece of very fine glitch-pop from their debut album (which I haven't had a good chance to listen to, so I'm expecting to be playing it a fair bit more over coming weeks...)
I played a couple more remixes from Icarus’ brilliant remix album tonight, starting with Xela’s vocal-tastic version, and I also played his remix from one of the albums of the year, redrawn by soccer Committee & Machinefabriek.
We had three tracks from the new multi-medium release from the declining winter - it's a 7" that comes with a whole album on CD, and the early birds got a second CD of remixes into the bargain. We had remixes from Melbourne's part timer, and part-time Declining Winter drummer james yates, but I also played the beautiful title track "Haunt The Upper Hallways", which in a better world would be a radio hit.
We had a lovely piece of folktronica from The Matinee Orchestra, on Robin Saville's Arable label, and then heard Saville's duo Isan remixing Icarus to great effect. Then a brief collaborative piece between Berlin-based jazz/improv trumpeter Tom Arthurs and Icarus' Ollie Bown.
Bleeding Heart Narrative gets two tracks tonight: firstly in collaboration with Western Australia-based singer Gosia Winter, from a forthcoming digital EP on Tartaruga Records, and then from his amazing self-released EP this octopus is going to eat your face - majestic noise-post-rock...
The consistently excellent Lucky Dragons give us a bit of tribal pitched percussion and voice from their latest 12", and then we're on to a couple of showcases for the evening.
First off, we had Mr Ryjan Kidwell aka Cex, with a classic IDM tune followed by a brilliant bit of cod-industrial indietronica, and something from then his latest release Bataille Royale, a double-12" and digital affair, which is his take on Baltimore house...
After that, a true stalwart of the IDM world, Jega - starting off with a gorgeous bit of crunchy melodic electronica from his first EP, and then a couple of drill'n'bass tracks, one from the very first album Planet µ released, and then from his latest, Variance, which is a double CD. From the lighter & brighter other half of his latest release, we then took a vaguely dubstep-influenced cut.
And finally, from the ever creative Jason Sweeney comes a new album under the Panoptique Electrical moniker. I wanted to draw a connection with the IDM above, so we segued via Jason's duo pretty boy crossover, whose album the building and formation should by rights have been an Aussie classic, enshrined in the world's mythic landscape, but record company troubles delayed its release by a few years and its impact was never quite what it should have been. A sad tale, but they continue to make wonderful music, which is what matters in the end.

Giardini di Mirò - La vampa (∞ / ∞∞ / ∞∞∞) [Unhip]
Edwin Montgomery - storm [demo!]
Kes Band - Doors Open Doors Close [Mistletone]
The Red Tree - A River in Oliver [A New Entity]
Icarus - First Inf(E)rænce (Xela remix) [Rump]
soccer Committee / Machinefabriek - low drone 2 (by xela) [Machinefabriek]
the declining winter - trap remit remix (part timer) [home assembly]
the declining winter - haunt the upper hallways [home assembly]
the declining winter - james yates remix [home assembly]
The Matinee Orchestra - I'll never be afraid again [Arable]
Icarus - Keet (Isan Saved By The Bell mix) [Rump]
Tom Arthurs & Ollie Bown Electric Duo - rubik [not applicable]
Bleeding Heart Narrative & Gosia Winter - Auto Moro [Tartaruga Records]
bleeding heart narrative - the night of the world. [self-released, available for download from Distance Recordings]
Lucky Dragons - Open Melody [Teenage Teardrops]
Cex - an axe for the frozen sea within her [Tigerbeat6]
Cex - Take Pills [Jade Tree]
Cex - The Fifth One [cexja.ms]
Jega - Phlax [Skam]
Jega - Pitbull [Planet µ]
Jega - Kyoto [Planet µ]
Jega - Antiphon [Planet µ]
pretty boy crossover - speeldoos [surgery records]
Panoptique Electrical - The Fear of Being Beautiful [Sensory Projects]

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