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Sunday, 20th of November, 2005

Playlist 20.11.05 (9:10 pm)

Another Sunday, another UFog. I have a couple of pretty long tracks coming up tonight, and quite a bit of variety, including some very nice quiet stuff - bit of alt.folk later, and starting off with some lovely minimalist post-classical stuff from the beautiful new Murcof album Remembranza. A little later, a 16 minute track from the new Entropic album (and I admit, I'm playing cello on it, but fortunately it remains a great track and I didn't write or conceive it!) which goes from beautiful ambient to full-blown live drum'n'bass and back... We have some wonderful glitchy indie madrigals from Montreal duo Avia Gardner and a great 2x7'' set of avant-rock meets avant hip=hop from fellow Canadians Sixtoo & Norsola. Meanwhile, we have new remixes of Pulseprogramming and wondrous alt.folk from Jack Ladder, while Marvey King has become Tanya Horo, with some awesome new stuff programmed & bent every which way by Jono Ma...

Murcof - Recuerdos [Leaf]
Pulseprogramming - Blooms Eventually (Hood remix) [Aesthetics]
Why? - Crushed Bones [Anticon]
Four Tet - this is six minutes [Domino]
Minotaur Shock - Marnie [4ad]
part timer - marshland [lovely unreleased stuff from John of Clickits, based in Melbourne]
Entropic - Greenwater Down [Entropy Recordings, through Vitamin]
Tortoise - Galapagos (version one) (remix by Spring Heel Jack) [Tokuma Japan Communications/Thrill Jockey]
Dannykrass - Margarine (remix of Butter by Gauche) [Invada]
Sixtoo & Norsola - Homages (Parts One & Two) [Bully]
Avia Gardner - More Than Tongue Can Tell [intr_version]
Pulseprogramming - Tulsa Lebt (Laub remix) [Aesthetics]
The Boats - Jonathan and Rob [Moteer]
Victor Bermon & Isaac Purcell - Soft Neck [Meupe]
City City City - Train [Holding Pattern/Remote Control]
howard - big beat driver (howard remix) [self-released]
Faux Pas - Barry [self-released]
Jason Forrest - New Wave Folk Austerity [Sonig]
Emiliana Torrini - Heartstopper (Stop Hearting mix by Múm) [RoughTrade]
Tanya Horo & Jono Ma - toadmobile ["the artist formerly known as" Marvey King; excellent new indietronica (or whatever) from Sydney, still in demo form but sounding great!]
The Girls From The Clouds - Sugar and Spice [Candle]
Jack Ladder - It's True [Spunk]
Magnétophone - motion g [4AD]
Kattoo - Megrim track 15 & 16 [Hymen]
Enduser - How Can You Tell I'm Not There [Sublight]

One Response to “Playlist 20.11.05”

  1. lee tran Says:

    hello peter, really really enjoyed the show, especially the avia gardner, that was incredible, definitely one of those "oh wow!" musical moments where you have to stop what you're doing and really listen (or perhaps i was so gobsmacked i am overstating it a little). alas i only have a boring consumerist question to ask, which is, where would one find their music in sydney, or do you have to hit google with a credit card? and the emiliana torrini remixes, as well?
    thank you, hope you are well.

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