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Sunday, 23rd of October, 2005

Playlist 23.10.05 (10:08 pm)

Hello! Playing stuff tonight, joy of joys. Too much of a rush for much descriptive content up here for now.

Akron/Family - Lumen [Young God]
Songs of Green Pheasant - The Wraith of Loving [Fat Cat]
Animal Collective - Bees [Fat Cat]
Magnétophone - ...and may your last words be a chance to make things better (feat. HMS Ginafore and King Creosote from the Fence Collective [4AD]
Boards of Canada - Peacock Tail [Warp]
The Kallikak Family - Third Phase [tell-all records]
The Kallikak Family - Guitar 1 [tell-all records]
Eddie Marcon - tama no uta [Preservation]
Marvey King - Spooked (jono ma remix) [unreleased Sydney indietronica]
City City City - The Perimeter Motor Show [Holding Pattern/Remote Control]
Jimmy Eat World - Drugs or Me (Styrofoam remix) [Universal]
Comatone - Plasticine Pincushion [Feral Media]
Bitstream - Lost Cluster [Modern Love]
Julian Curwin - Hidden Behind There (a remix of Inga Liljeström crossed with Gauche) [Invada] {from the forthcoming Gauche remix album}
World's End Girlfriend - Garden in the Ceiling [MIDI Creative co.]
Datach'i - False Sentiment [Sublight]
AFX - Every Day [Warp] {Finally Warp have re-released the Hangable Auto Bulb EPs on CD... I'm one of the lucky few to have 'em on vinyl but I do like a good CD re-release! Bit of history these... Warp stuffed up the tracklisting - last two tracks are swapped, so this is named correctly!}
Puzahki - Spazboat [Puzahki]
QWERTY - $oneseventyfive [new(er) stuff from those kidz from Marrickville, Sydney!]
Foley - ilex [From Gauche drummer Alon Ilsar's new solo project, this track featuring Jane Sheldon, also from Gauche, on vocals]
Venetian Snares - Des Plaines [Planet µ]
Exile - Big Bad Purple Bad Boy [Planet µ]
Dryft - drywht [Component]
Quench - Zane [Musik Aus Strom]
Jackson & His Computer Band - Hard Tits [Warp]
Deadbeat feat Athésia - Port-au-Prince [~scape]
Clickits - Lilophone [Moteer]
Qua - Oneiric [Surgery]
Rashamon - every home becomes a western [Passive-Aggressive]
Gaudi:Testa - Bass Instinct [em:t]
Pasobionic - Empty Beat for Lonely Hippo [Sensory Projects]

5 Responses to “Playlist 23.10.05”

  1. hUgo music Says:

    ok i'm on a marvey king hunt...can you play her song?

    there are two perfect lullaby and spooked, dont care which one!

    cool man ... hello all!

  2. Gregory Seiler Says:

    Hello Mr Peter,

    Just enjoing (as i do most sunday nights) another fine fog of utility, i missed you play the comatone version of classrooms by gauche, but its a great pleasure to see it in your playlist. Thanks for the support, your a gentleman.
    Two comatone gigs coming up, 4th Nov at mandarin club - 6th at frigid.
    I know you've been playing a bit of it but keep the Vsnares coming... its just so good!
    if your interested, i'd love to have you get some cello on the new comatone early next year. We'll keep in touch through Danny and Alon and the guys...

    Cheers Peter
    Be well.

  3. hUgo music Says:

    yeah man that song wicked!


  4. Gregory Seiler Says:


    Nice one peter, As luck would have it, i'm sittin 'ere with Luke Dubs from hermi and gauche and he thinks you rock!!


  5. Rashamon Says:

    Cheers for playing the tracks - wish I could listen to the show!


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