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Sunday, 31st of July, 2005

Playlist 31.07.05 (10:21 pm)

Due to a happy confluence of events (I received some promos from em:t in the UK and from a bloke from Melbourne (briefly Darwin), and I'm tired and wanna chill out maaaan), tonight's show is focusing for the first little while on ambient sounds. I've brought a few good oldies in... Being in full-on ambient mode means that I've played some waaaay long tracks, but I seem to have made up for that later on.

International Peoples Gang - aeroplane [em:t] {classic em:t made available for download from shopsonic.com}
Three Month Sunset - stom-ache [self-released, demo? - has a release out early 2006 from the lovely hellosQuare recordings]
Global Communication - 14 31 [Dedicated]
Future Sound of London - Lifeforms (Path 1) [Virgin]
Future Sound of London - Lifeforms (Path 2) [Virgin]
The Orb - Towers of Dub [Big Life]
Richard Bone - vox 2.5 [em:t]
woob - later [em:t]
beatsystem - tibet [em:t] {classic em:t made available for download from shopsonic.com}
Amorphous Androgynous - swab [Virgin]
Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works Vol II CD2 Tk6 [Warp] {This album uses a complicated procedure to link images to track numbers; way back in 1994, the nascent idm-list on hyperreal created the SAW II FAQ, which helpfully names track 2:6 as “siding nails”, for what it's worth}
The Black Dog - Chesh [Warp Records]
Beaumont Hannant - woven textures [GPR]
Clickits - in my field of view [Moteer]
Pivot - La Mer [Sensory Projects]
Alpen - The Clinging Clan [Feral Media]
Tunng - No Man Can Find The War [Full Time Hobby] {Tim Buckley cover! Tasty!}
Prefuse 73 reads The Books - Pagina Siete [Warp]
Final Fantasy - Please Please Please [Tomlab]
Epic 45 - Serving To Avoid Falling Leaves [Make Mine Music]
Pia Fraus - Summer Before Spring (Snafu remix) [Vinyl Junkie Recordings]
Melodium - le creux est ma matière première [Autres Directions in Music]
Enduser - Choppin Lambs [Ad Noiseam]
Belladonnakillz - Tribute 2 Drugz [dross:tik]
Usedtobecool - it's not you it's your face [download from here]
Foley - ilex [From Gauche drummer Alon Ilsar's new solo project, this track featuring Jane Sheldon, also from Gauche, on vocals]

One Response to “Playlist 31.07.05”

  1. Eloise Says:

    Hi Peter,
    Aphex Twin's ambient stuff will do just fine - one of my all time fav albums! Hey, great sounds tonight - Cocteau twins references, the orb blah blah - i'll get under my doona now and chill out to the sounds - thanks! Eloise

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