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Sunday, 24th of April, 2005

Playlist 24.04.05 (10:00 pm)

Ladies and gentlemen... I present: Kit Brash's playlist! Finally he has emailed it to me.

Jello Biafra & Keith LeBlanc - Object-Subject [Alternative Tentacles]
Bjork - Who Is It? (Vitalic remix) [War Child]
Lady Sovereign - Ch-Ching [Casual]
the Avalanches - Rock City (7" version) [Trifekta]
Buck 65 - 463 [Warners Canada]
Wolf & Cub - Thousand Cuts [Dot Dash]
Mr Floppy - 1992 WS Cox Plate [Zombie Penis Death]
M.I.A. - Seven Minutes Of Mash-Up [five hours of Sundee arvo]
Superlangalang [cry.on.my.console]
Galang-A-Porn [Empire State Human]
Galang (Cadence Weapon Earthbound remix) [Cadence Weapon]
Galang (single version) [XL Recordings]
Galangaton (Diplo mix) [Piracy Funds Terrorism]
Galang ft Lil Vicious [Piracy Funds Terrorism]
Galang [Cavemen remix) [XL Recordings]
Jesus & MIA Chain [Dunproofin]
Mouse On Mars ft Mark E Smith - Cut The Gain [Sonig]
Mouse On Mars ft Tears the Muffin Man - Alien Animals [Sonig]
Soup - Acid Rain [Creative Vibes]
Dead Beasties - A Sonic Reducer To NYC [homemade clash]
Whopping Big Naughty - Opportunity Knockers [Prowling Tiger]
Nic Dalton - Play All Night [Half A Cow (advance)]
Lucy Lehmann - A Century Too Late [Brumby (unreleased)]
the Futureheads - Hounds Of Love / Hounds Of Love (Phones remix) [here's one I prepared earlier]
Upshot - Unsuspected (instrumental) [Obese]
Dillinja - Grimey [V]
Jammer ft. Wiley, Kano, D Double E and Goodz - Destruction VIP [white]
Lethal B ft. Fumin, D Double E, Napper, Jamaki B, Forcer, Flow Dan, Neeko, Ozzy B & Demon - FWD [Relentless]
Terror Danjah ft. Crazy Titch, D Double E & Riko - Cock Back [Aftershock]
Trim - Boogeyman [white]
Kano ft. Demon & D Double E - Reload [679]
Wiley - Penguin [white]
Ruff Sqwad - Shake Ure Bum [Ruff Sqwad]
Durrty Doogz - Can't Hold Me Down [Platinum Performers]
DJ Target & Riko - Chosen One [Aim High]
Wiley - Eskimo [white]
Wiley & Dizzee Rascal - Ice Rink (freestyle) [white]
Kano - Typical Me [679]
Shystie - Get Boyed [white]
Jammer - The Murcul Man Outburst [Jah Mek The World]
Wiley - Bird Tune [white]
High Pass Filter - Meep [HPF]
Apathy - Personal Jesus [Demigodz Entertainment]
Feist - Mushaboom (Mocky remix) [Polydor France]
Willis - The Space Within (Fat Truckers mix) [679]
Cut Copy - Future (!!! Remix) [Modular]
Tooth - Next Stage Capricorn [Soft]
Friendly - Soundtrack To The Movie Of My Life (Wide Screen Version ft Philippa Nihill)
Gerling - Fight Revolution Team [FMR]
Raven - Snowblind [Elefant Traks]
Marvin the Paranoid Android - Marvin I Love You [Depressive Discs]
James Kochalka Superstar - Hello Computer [Tarquin]
Ron Grainer - Dr Who Theme (original version) [things that should not be]
Missy Elliot ft Ciara - Lose Control [Elektra]
Cybotron - Clear [Fantasy]
Spod - Devistator [Architecture]
Splendid - Disappointed (Machine Translations mix) [Popboomerang]

One Response to “Playlist 24.04.05”

  1. The Swan Says:

    Given this playlist is over two years old this is seeming more and more like a looong shot, but here goes....am trying to hunt down a track 'the 1992 ws cox plate' by mr floppy, as featured on the playlist for 24.04.05....the great horse Super Impose who won said race in the abovementioned song recently passed away, and I'm looking for the song in tribute....but am finding more dead ends than in John Bobbit's photo gallery (or Don King's afro)...am almost desperate....if anyone is listening out there, please help!!

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