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Sunday, 12th of December, 2004

Playlist 12.12.04 (9:02 pm)

Can't practically think of anything to say tonight, just a bunch of music really. Yeah. Some awesome new stuff, some old, so it goes :)

Even As We Speak - 30 Miles (Peel Session, 1993) [unreleased, copy direct from Mary Wyer of EAWS]
Holly Throsby - We're good people but why don't we show it? [Spunk]
Sufjan Stevens - A Good Man Is Hard To Find [Sounds Familyre/Spunk]
The Boats - And There Are Stars That Fell [Moteer]
Plumbline - 501 W23 [Hydrogen Dukebox]
The Dylan Group - Towers of Dub [Bubblecore]
Gescom - Sciew Spoc [Skam]
Bola - Effanajor [Skam]
Deru - Tapah [Merck]
Comatone - Stillpoint Coma [Feral Media]
Minimum Chips - Niccone [Feral Media]
Epic 45 - These Dead Years [Where Are My Records]
Hood - Winter 72 [Domino]
Sufjan Stevens - Niagara Falls [Misplaced Music]
Tunng - Surprise Me 44 [Static Caravan]
Inch-time - root drinking in the dark [beautiful self-released one-track business card CD, with amazing watercolour print cover]
Ra - ev.panic [Coredump]
Eight Frozen Modules - Echo Youth [Planet µ]
Jimmy Edgar - Latin Sunrise (remix of Kero's Bent) [Detroit Underground]
Venetian Snares - Twelve [Coredump]
Rusuden - Ana Appears Normal [Sonicterror]
Keef Baker - Armed Snobbery [n5md]
cyrusrex - Jiggle Wisket [Negative 3]
Junior Boys - Last Exit (Fennesz remix) [Kin]
Her Space Holiday - The Young Machines (The Album Leaf remix) [Mush]
vitaminsforyou - It's Only Snow - It's Only Sunshine [intr_version]
Richard Pinhas - Dextro [Cuneiform]
Clear Horizon - for days [Kranky]
Andy Moor & Yannis Kyriakides - 3 Lobed 1 [Unsounds via Wire mag]
Aesop Rock - Fast Cars, Danger, Fire and Knives [Def Jux via The Wire]

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