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Monday, 8th of September, 2003

Playlist 07.09.03 (2:11 pm)

Here's what was played on Utility Fog - The Sequel (and like Rocky, you know it'll just go on and on and on).

Dean Martin & Julie London - Sway (Rip-Off Artist Remix) [The Right Stuff]
The Matthew Herbert Big Band - Misprints [Accidental Records]
Skkatter - Madonna is a filthy slut [V/VM Test Records]
Beefcake - tks 14 & 15 from Drei [thrillbeatconstruction]
Donna Summer - Stepping the fuck out [Omeko]
Funkstörung mit Jay-Jay Johanson - I Want Some Fun [Studio !K7]
Telefon Tel Aviv feat Lindsay Anderson - Sound In A Dark Room [Hefty Records]
Machine Translations - Happy [Spunk]
The Postal Service - We Will Become Silhouettes [Sub Pop]
Dntel - Don't Get Your Hopes Up [Rocket Racer]
Clue To Kalo - Do You Know That Love Can End? [Mush/Leaf]
Styrofoam - If I Believed You/Back Into Focus [Morr Music]
Ulrich Schnauss - On My Own [City Centre Offices]
B. Fleischmann & Ms. John Soda - Here She Comes [Morr Music]
Decoder Ring - The Night Shift (feat Jodi Phillis) [Hello Cleveland]
Future 3 - Alison [Morr Music]
Fennesz - aus [Mego]
Hood - lo band width [Lo Recordings]
Qua - The Air Is Thin In Here [Surgery Records]
Pimmon - The Sacred Dance of Mimi Lush (links to my review) [Tigerbeat 6]
RJD2 - The Proxy [Definitive Jux]
Doves - M62 Song (Four Tet remix) [Heavenly]
The Orb - Once More (Scourge of the Earth Long Mix) [MCA Records promo only 12"]
The Dylan Group - Towers of Dub [Bubblecore]
Easy Star All-Stars - Us and Them (feat Frankie Paul) [Easy Star records]
Hrvatski - Cirrus Minor [Reckankreutzungsklankewerkzeuge Recordings of Cambridge, MA]
µ-Ziq - Grape Nut Beats (Pt. 1) [Planet µ]
Amen Andrews - Fast & Bulbous [Rephlex]
Inga - Stolen (nabbed! by Raven) [unreleased CDR - cheating as Raven is me!]
Leafcutter John - Walk On My Back [Planet µ]
Hood - Sound the Cliche Klaxons [Misplaced Music]
FourPlay - Trust (Clue to Kalo remix) [unreleased]

3 Responses to “Playlist 07.09.03”

  1. Allan Says:

    Wow! is the least i can say about your program. I so love the music you played last night, esp the electronic-cut-up-stuff in the first half. As for the supply of track listing, its fab esp with the links.

    Thank you so much for all this. At last, a radio station that's worthy of air-play!

    Please keep it up!

  2. rod ramshaw Says:

    Hey Peter

    The show's looking sweet, shame I have to kinda imagine what it sounds like what with living on the other side of the world, I'm unlikely to be able to receive FBIfm on my shitty radio.

    But keep up the good work, oh and playing unreleased CDRs is THE WAY AHEAD!!

  3. phil gray Says:

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed last weeks show,
    particularly the Doves remix and the pink floyd stuff, really looking forward to tonights show, I am a convert from "Soundlab" over on Triple J.

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