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Sunday, 26th of August, 2007

Playlist 26.08.07 (10:17 pm)

Tonight, two new split CDs on hellosQuarerecordings in the Silhouettes series; new collaboration between Tom Carter & Robert Horton on Preservation; later, new stuffs from Silver Ray, a fab Spiritualized cover from d_rradio… and much anticipation about seeing World’s End Girlfriend on Thursday night!

M. Rösner – hap [hellosQuarerecordings]
Ass – Chinese Dream [Headspin Recordings]
Tom Carter & Robert Horton – Corsican Hash [Preservation]
Agalloch – Odal [The End Records]
World’s End Girlfriend – bless yourself bleed [human highway records]
World’s End Girlfriend – Good Bye Merry Lou [Romz]
Fog – The Poor Fella [Lex Records]
Fog – Ditherer [Lex Records]
Karoshi – Fall Away Moonshine (feat. Mark Corkery) [self-released]
DJ C – Dehydrogenated (ft. Pamelia Kurstin) [Wimm Recordings]
Silver Bone Tone – Keys Attack [demo]
Roam The Hello Clouds – Pretender’s Hand [~scape]
Morning Stalker – Bromden [hellosQuarerecordings]
Underlapper – Fallen Face Moon [Feral Media]
at the close of every day – in the light i wrap my tears (hood remix) [art union]
Odd Nosdam – We Dead [Anticon]
d_rradio – Good Dope Good Fun [from a forthcoming Spiritualised tribute album, Angel Sighs]
Odd Nosdam – Up In Flames (feat. Jel Jerry Jeff Ridin’ High & J.D. Wenceslas McDiarmid) [Anticon]
Caribou – After Hours [City Slang]
Silver Ray – Prove It, Don Quixote! [self-released, through Fuse]
Saddleback – Shot Through [Preservation]
Roam The Hello Clouds – A Life Of Near Misses [~scape]
Gareth Hardwick – A Good Time To Be Lonely Part 1 [hellosQuarerecordings]
Scissor Lock – These Stars Will Shine [forthcoming]
The Future Sound of London – Nuru Device Send [FSOL Digital]
Bola – Urenforpuren [Skam]
Silver Bone Tone – Dementia [demo]

2 Responses to “Playlist 26.08.07”

  1. Winter Towers Says:

    Sorry I missed the beginning of your show, Mister H.
    World’s End Girlfriend in Australia! How exciting! Are you going?
    And how far we’ve come – I remember scouring the internet for any trace of the man with only my rudimentary Japanese to guide me.

  2. leigh Says:

    dang, i miss the show (being in bed so early because i’m a nanna) and you play 2 odd nosdam tunes?? fab playlist though! x

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