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Sunday, 17th of December, 2006

Jay Lake @ COSMOS Magazine (7:32 pm)

Easily one of my favourite authors at the moment is Jay Lake, whose LiveJournal is a constant source of fascinating ruminations on (and discussions of) science fiction, writing, politics, morality, philosophy, child-rearing and more.

He's been appearing in some Australian sf markets recently, and it's lovely to see that Damien Broderick has got a new story of Jay's up on the COSMOS Magazine site (COSMOS is a great newish Aussie science magazine that's been featuring a new sf story every issue since the beginning. They now seem to be buying enough that they're publishing a few exclusively on the web, like here).

This one's a science fiction story, and a space opera at that, and it's a beauty. And it's short, so you can easily hop over there now. Go read The Dead Man's Child.

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