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Wednesday, 22nd of November, 2006

I wish Ben Peek hated me half as much as I hate him (3:25 pm)

I hate Ben Peek. He reviewed my band's album launch, so now I have to go and buy his damn book from Wheatland Press (and while I was there I had to buy Polyphony 6, edited by Deborah Layne from Wheatland and Jay Lake) and review it.
Terribly cheap to PayPal from Wheatland, so don't feel weirded out by buying a Sydney author's book from Oregon. Although, let's face it, even the wonderful Wheatland site isn't as pretty as the new FourPlay online shop, so maybe Ben will hate me right back.

Twenty-Six Lies/One Truth, written by Ben Peek, illustrated by Anna Brown, and a cover by Andrew Macrae. Buy it from Amazon, buy it from Wheatland Press.

PS isn't that cover awesome? I hate Andrew Macrae too. But not as much as Ben Peek.

2 Responses to “I wish Ben Peek hated me half as much as I hate him”

  1. Claire says:

    Peter — it's your day, I think! First I saw this post, then Jeff VanderMeek's surprisingly similar post, then started Charlie Stross's new book, The Jennifer Morgue, which includes you in its acknowledgments. Very cool!

  2. Peter says:

    Ooh, I've ordered the Jennifer Morgue but haven't received it yet.
    If you want more books with me in the acknowledgements, there's Charlie's Accelerando, the last couple of Al Reynolds ones… maybe more, who knows? *heh*

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