Janus on DVD

I used to regularly complain that the ABC series Phoenix wasn’t available on dvd, until ABC released it last year. Of course, as soon as it came out I started worrying about whether they would release the second series and the follow-up series Janus. No need for worry, they’ve looked after the fans by continuing the releases without too much delay, with Phoenix out earlier this year, and now Janus following without too much delay at all. According to the ABC shop website Janus will be available on the 1st of October. Anyone who watched Phoenix will definitely want to continue with Janus.It is not a direct sequel as such, the only direct link is through one cast member from Phoenix (Simon Westaway as Peter ‘Noddy’ Faithful) who continues on, but it is follows a similar format to Phoenix in following one story over an entire season and overall has a very similar style. This time a criminal investigation is followed from the point of view of the courts rather than the police. Definitely recommended. In fact even if you haven’t seen both series of Phoenix you could easily start on this without realising you’d missed anything, the story is completely independent.

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