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Back on Radio Adelaide

Tomorrow morning I’ll be doing another guest spot on Radio Adelaide to talk about gigs. I’ll be on some time after 8:20, I’ll talk about some of my gig highlights from last year, and some of the best local gigs coming up. In Adelaide it’s 101.5FM, and you can also listen online here.

The Now Show

The Now Show is back on, in fact it has been for a while but I only just noticed. It’s a BBC radio comedy that looks at current affairs, I highly recommend it. The latest episode is available to listen to on the website. This week’s episode includes Marcus Brigstocke’s comments on the Ofcom response to the complaint against The Great Global Warming Swindle. The first time I listened to the Now Show was for Brigstocke’s comments on TGGWS when it originally aired, and also on the film maker’s charming emails. Of course this is also a good time to remember the weirdness of the ABC’s forum on the program being hijacked by the CEC to push their conspiracy theories as can be seen on You Tube

On the Radio Today

This afternoon I’ll be joining Dee on The Range for her last show of the year, I’ll be on for the whole show from 4-5:30 and I’ll be talking about my favourite gigs of the year so far. Tune in to 101.5 FM in Adelaide or go to the Radio Adelaide Website to stream it online.

I’ll be on the radio tomorrow

Starting tomorrow (Tuesday 4th Sep), I’ll be making a regular Tuesday appearance on the drive time show on Radio Adelaide. I’ll be on from about 5:15pm to 5:30pm helping out with the event rundown (but the show goes from 4pm so you can tune in earlier). You can find Radio Adelaide at 101.5 FM.

Festival of Ideas: Recommended Listening

Radio Adelaide have started broadcasting recordings of sessions from the Adelaide Festival of Ideas, and many are now available for download, all of the details are here.

I would like to make some recommendations based on session I attended, or have downloaded and listened to. I will update this as I listen to more of them, though I don’t expect to get through all of them, so don’t read anything into the absence of a session from my list. All broadcasts are on 101.5 FM in Adelaide. Also, all sessions are available on cd from Radio Adelaide. All downloads are in mp3 format.

Updated 12/7

  • High and Dry: John Howard, Climate Change and the Selling of Australia’s future with Guy Pearse. A compelling account of the Howard government’s failure on the issue of climate change from a Liberal party insider. To be broadcast on Wednesday July 18 at 12 noon, or download it (17.0MB).
  • Drought Proofing Australia: Heroic Fantasies and Sobering Realities with Peter Cullen. An account of Australia’s water situation from a top expert who is also an excellent speaker who tells it straight. Download it (15.9MB).
  • The Joy MacLennan Oration – Beyond the Long Age of Forgetting with Simon Longstaff. I managed to completely overlook this one on the weekend so I’m glad it was available for download. Longstaff very eloquently pinpoints the substitution of institutional tradition for ethical thinking as a key problem in our society. Download it (16.6MB).
  • Trading places with John Connell, John Buchanan, Tim Harcourt, Colleen Ryan. This one didn’t leap out at me, in fact I wasn’t entirely clear on what it would be about, but it turned out to be probably my favourite group session which I attended. The reason is that I felt that the speakers all has something different to contribute, but it all fit in well with the overall topic, which was essentially the future of trade. Download it (29.3MB).
  • What to Eat: Personal Responsibility vs Social Responsibility with Marion Nestle. An excellent speaker on a topic which effects us all on a daily basis, giving the insight that comes with being at the forefront of the fight for good nutrition in the USA (listen for how she “hurt sugar’s feelings”). Very entertaining and informative. Download it. (15.8MB)
  • Lifting the lid on whistle-blowing with Julian Morrow, Guy Pearse, Norman Swan, Marian Wilkinson, Paul Chadwick (PC). This one was full and I couldn’t get in but now I’ve had a chance to listen to it. A fascinating, and important topic with an impressive and diverse group of speakers … I probably should have realised that it would be popular. Download it. (31.8MB)
  • Mumbo-Jumbo, Snake Oil and Other Delusions with Francis Wheen. I plan to soon write a post about some of the ideas in this one, which is an amusing summary of the main ideas of the speakers latest book about the resurgence of superstition at the expense of critical thinking. Download it. (16.6MB)
  • Survival of the Fittest, Survival of the Richest or Survival of the Thinnest with Norman Swan. The ABC’s medical expert gives an interesting perspective on the factors affecting life expectancy. This has already been broadcast, so if you want to hear it you have to download it. (16.6MB)
  • Troubling times: Dissent and democracy in Australia with Sarah Maddison. Details the approach of the Howard government to dealing with dissent and the implications for democracy. Recommended for anyone who’s views have been dismissed as those of a “Howard Hater”. To be broadcast on Sunday August 26 at 12 noon. Download it. (14.9MB)

Ian Plimer on the Science Show

(9/9/09 – Note that this is a post from 2007 about a radio interview, well before the publication of the book Heaven & Earth, though many issues dealt with here are still being raised in more recent interviews, so you may find it to still be of interest, but for up to date info you can see this update)

This week Ian Plimer, Professor of Mining Geology at the University of Adelaide was one of the guests on the ABC’s Science Show to talk about his scepticism of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW). There is a transcript available here. There was some response to his points later in the show, but I have quite a bit more to add below the fold.

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