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Le Rayon Vert Music Archive #6


This was originally on a cassette with the strange title of The Fish Are Up & the Cattle Are Down which was self-released. I can’t remember the number made, but not many – it wasn’t very popular, it mostly featured experiments with my new electonic instruments, this track is the exception as it was recorded a bit earlier. It features Burkard Polster on a knotted didgeridoo made out of elbows of pvc pipe.

Here is the picture from the cover of the tape

Le Rayon Vert Music Archive #5

Two tracks this time. There’s been a bit of discussion about Farfisa organs in this thread at Mess & Noise (someone has one for sale if you’re interested), so I thought I’d post a couple of tracks which make extensive use of my Farfisa Superbravo.

First is Superbravo101 which features the Farfisa plus an overdub from a Casiotone101.


Second is a track featuring the Superbravo only

Original Vision

Both were recorded in January ’99.

Le Rayon Vert Music Archive #2

This track is from about January ’99 I think. It was inspired by two records I’d picked up from new arrivals bin at Big Star records, Will Oldham’s Black/Rich Music and Autechre’s Peel Session, so the result was called Blackpeel. Actually, the original recording was the electronica parts (as part of a larger session of electronic tracks … though there is a limit to the extent that you could emulate late 90’s electronica with 70’s analog instruments and effects pedals), the organ and slide guitar was added later, initially intended to be two pieces that could be listened to separately or combined together, but then I just decided I liked it better mixed.

Like everything from mid ’98 onwards it was recorded on a Tascam Portastudio 414 (I really should get that out and see if it still works).


Le Rayon Vert Music Archive #1

This is the first in a series of posts in which I dig deep into the archives of obscure music that I’ve made. The first goes back about as far as possible to one of the first things I can remember doing, like all my music of the era it had no title when recorded, but retrospectively is called Original Axolotl since it was later turned into a song called Axolotl by a band called Bill Yakshard (whose one and only appearance was at the UNSW band competition in 1997). This recording is older, from some time in ’96 but I think it was around for a couple of years before that. It is uncharacteristic for my music at the time, mostly in it’s catchiness, in hindsight I can’t help but feel it was inspired to some extent by the theme music to Barney Miller. Here is the mp3, click on the play icon on the embedded flash player to listen.

Original Axolotl

and here is the Barney Miller theme:

[youtube ox-DmJ9H3ng]