Le Rayon Vert Music Archive #2

This track is from about January ’99 I think. It was inspired by two records I’d picked up from new arrivals bin at Big Star records, Will Oldham’s Black/Rich Music and Autechre’s Peel Session, so the result was called Blackpeel. Actually, the original recording was the electronica parts (as part of a larger session of electronic tracks … though there is a limit to the extent that you could emulate late 90’s electronica with 70’s analog instruments and effects pedals), the organ and slide guitar was added later, initially intended to be two pieces that could be listened to separately or combined together, but then I just decided I liked it better mixed.

Like everything from mid ’98 onwards it was recorded on a Tascam Portastudio 414 (I really should get that out and see if it still works).