Buttercup Metal Polish Tonight

Interesting gig tonight – here’s the info

This friday at downtown gallery (opp. grace emily hotel) on waymouth st. we’ll be presenting Buttercup Metal Polish from Switzerland. one half of the all-percussion duo Nicolas Field played adelaide last year in the noise duo The Same Girl, with Gilles Aubry on laptop. the duo was one of the best things we’ve seen for a long time, and Buttercup is set to go off. the reference points fo these guys are tricky to pin down. while there’s a free jazz/free improv thing going on, Field and Alexandre Babel, with just two un-mic’d drumkits, let fly with some impassioned playing that sounds alien at times, and is certainly unique even in the weirdest of free-music registers. check them out on myspace for a taste. truly captivating and unrelenting sounds. we guarantee yr jaws’ll drop at these guys. anybody who’s seen The Necks and Tony Buck in particular will get very excited by Field and Babel.

since Buttercup Metal Polish is gonna be drummy we thought we’d put some drummy locals on as supports.

Skeletons – post-punk quintet, young and exuberant, at times quite funky, elements of skronk and noise.

InterZone eXpress – dan and pat’s heavy psych/drone exchange with ryan manolakis on drums. mano has played with a bunch of bands and we reckon he’s one of the best drummers going.

mutual loathing – guitar and drums duo debut. two cranky buggers.

so once again:

Buttercup Metal Polish (SUI)
InterZone eXpress trio
mutual loathing
DJ simos playing totally out music
Downtown Gallery Waymouth St. City (opp. Grace Emily)
Friday July 20
Doors 8pm