Recommended Reading

I’ve been out of action lately, but I thought I’d throw in a couple of links to give you something good to read.

Firstly, Ken at the Road to Surfdom has written the definitive guide to workchoices in two posts – part 1 and part 2.

Secondly I was astounded to hear that the ABC is going to show The Great Global Warming Swindle. It is being pushed as showing a diversity of opinion, whereas it is propaganda which has been shown to be wrong. This troubles me since being screened on the ABC could lend it credibility which it does not deserve. It essentially peddles a conspiracy theory – that the world’s climatologists are perpetrating an enormous hoax. Some are framing the protests against it as censorship – but this is not a matter simply of opposing political views – this is a program pushing false claims about science.Then again, the ABC did put the show “Psychic Detectives” in their science slot over summer, so perhaps being on the ABC doesn’t lend the credibility on matters of science that it once did and I shouldn’t be concerned. Another concern however is the allegation that the program is being screened due to pressure from the board.
Anyway, one of my favourite parts of the controversy over this show was that the filmmaker’s response to one scientist who dared to question the “facts” in the program was to write in an email “You’re a big daft cock”.

I wanted to write more about this but haven’t had a chance, I may still do so, but inthe meantime you can check out Tim Lambert’s comments at Deltoid and follow the links there as well. Also George Monbiot’s article in the SMH is excellent.