Around the Climate Blogs

An occasional trawl through my blogroll and beyond. Look out for similar posts on other topics soon.

At Deltoid Tim Lambert shows us some hilariously silly comments on global warming from John Laws. For example “it was much warmer in the Middle Ages for God’s sake and we didn’t have any motor cars then to my knowledge and we hadn’t even invented the wheel. ..”.
Nexus 6 has been away for a bit, but is back in action this week with a look at the worst climate science paper ever. I had thought that perhaps that title would have gone to the paper discussed here at Real Climate, which shows that the previously wildly erratic atmospheric carbon dioxide levels stabilised exactly when we started accurately measuring them … but Nexus might have a point. Lets just declare the journal Energy and Environment to be the winner, since they published both papers after what must be a rigorous peer review process.

At Open Mind, Tamino is looking into what’s really going on with glaciers (and I’m afraid the news insn’t good).

Meanwhile Eli Rabbett has been reminding everyone of the story of Al Gore’s mentor Roger Revelle and the disgraceful tale of how he was claimed by the GW denialists as one of their own

Finally there’s a new blog called Hot Topic, which looks at climate change from a New Zealand perpective.