[gigs] Attention Silvermine Tapes fans!

Winnerfest was fantastic on the weekend, here is No Through Road (care of Spoz)

Other highlights include local supergroup (with members of Hit the Jackpot, Roo Shooter, The Moonies and many more Adelaide bands) the Avant Gardeners who played their best gig yet, here’s one of their tracks. Apparently they are playing again fairly soon, not sure of the details though

It was also great to see the return of a number of the members of Little Ice Age in a new band called Bye Bye Mountain. Here they are at an earlier appearance at the Grace

Other newer bands worth looking out for based on impressive  Winnerfest appearances are post-rock types Steering By Stars and Billy Bishop Goes to War.

It was great to see favourites  The Sea Thieves and Guy Blackman sgain, though the front bar wasn’t always the best for the quieter acts. Henry Wagons fit in well there though, he’ll be returning to Adelaide in July with the full band.

The big news this week is another gig coming up at the Metro which is of interest to fans of The Silvermine Tapes or Flat Stanley. I’ll cut’n’paste straight from the Delicates’ myspace page:

Ladies, gentlemen:

In their live debut, please be upstanding for The Delicates. The band contain some familiar faces to those sniffing around Adelaide’s indie rock venues in the 90s: Max Mackinnon and Paul Champion on guitars, Stuart Symons on drums. The band will be kicking out in their first show to celebrate their debut album The Thunderous Sound of The Delicates.

They will be ably assisted by:

Melbourne free-rock 3-piece Battlesnake. These boys hold down 100% improvised thundering hip-shaking rock, have never played the same song twice, and sound like the joyous hollering child of The Necks, James Brown, The Breeders, and an old Ninja Tunes compilation. (Yes, it was a group marriage. Well, common-law marriage anyway.)

Battlesnake are Michael Pulsford and Angus Kemp, who you may know from The Silvermine Tapes, and Adam Smith, who doesn’t want his past dragged into this.

Fading Fires – a Melbourne duo featuring Mat Watson (Mountains In The Sky) on drums and Chris Rainer on guitars: half lap-steel psychedelia, half shivery Krautrock, all class.

Frontiers In Photography – Sydney’s Scott Gillespie (ex Silvermine Tapes) presenting his hazy, folk-inflected portals to other dimensions.

The astute among you will notice that half the Silvermine Tapes will be on stage that night. Who knows where that might lead?

I was planning on going to the Screamfeeder/NTR gig but as a huge Silvermine Tapes fan I don’t think I could miss this.


  • 16th Hit the Jackpot, The Stabs and Deaf Wish at the Metro.
  • 16th Like Leaves, The Swiss, Wolf & Cub DJs at the Ed Castle.
  • 17th Jamie Hutchings at the Grace Emily.
  • 29th Steering By Stars, Antony of the Future, Scarlet Ives at the Ed Castle.
  • 30th Philadelphia Grand Jury at Jive.


  • 5th Screamfeeder (playing Kitten Licks) and No Through Road at the Ed Castle.
  • 5th The Delicates, Battlesnake, Fading Fires, Frontiers in Photography at the Metro.
  • 6th Fkn Tutts and the Weevils at the Metro.
  • 8th Flipper at Live on Light Square with God God Dammit Dammit and Kamikaze. Sorry, hadn’t noticed the change of date – this is now on Friday the 5th.
  • 19th Leader Cheetah launch with No Through Road, Like Leaves, The Weevils at Jive.
  • 23rd Ghostface Killah at HQ.
  • 28th The Sea Thieves with the Keepsakes at the Grace Emily.


  • 10th The Wagons at the Wheatsheaf.
  • 23rd Fourplay at the Gov
  • 29th Jane’s Addiction at Thebby Theatre.

On the Stereo

  • No Through Road Winner cd (Low Transit Industries)
  • The FallImperial Wax Solvent cd (Sanctuary)
  • The Fall Reformation Post TLC cd (Slogan / Sanctuary)
  • The FallFall in a Hole 2cd (Castle / Sanctuary)
  • Bill CallahanSometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle cd (Spunk / Drag City)
  • Camera ObscuraMy Maudlin Career cd (4AD)
  • Sugar MinottSugar Minott at Studio One 2LP (Soul Jazz)
  • Various Studio One Funk 2LP (Soul Jazz)
  • Jackie Mittoo The Keyboard King at Studio One 2LP (Universal Sound)
  • El-B The Roots of El-B cd (Tempa)