Marble Hill-Basket Range-Uraidla-Norton Summit

Started with the familiar climb up Montacute Rd but then headed down Lobethal Rd on the picturesque descent to Basket Range, wasn’t quite sure if I’d have the energy to make it back up (but I’ll have to give it a go another time, perhaps after doing the easier ascent up Norton Summit Rd rather than Montecute which seems to just keep climbing forever). This time we returned to Norton Summit via Uraidla and Summertown which wasn’t too difficult, just one long climb on Basket Range Rd. The road where we turned right off Greenhill goes up and down like a roller coaster, quite a ride, with a very steep finish, it’s too short to show up on the elevation map for the whole ride, but if you just map that road it measures it as something like 14% at the steepest point. Thanks to Beetroot for coming along (and setting a tough pace up to Montacute Heights).