Before the local stuff, a bit of general touring news. The Paradise Motel are back together, have a new album and are touring the East Coast around late Sep early Oct. As mentioned in an earlier post Mouse on Mars are touring in late Oct, early Nov. Built to Spill have been announced for the Peats Ridge Festival in late Dec, I expect they’ll probably tour other festivals so not so confident about an Adelaide date. Finally a nice rumour going around is that the Swans could come to Australia next year.

The question that’s really been on my mind (not just lately, it’s been on my mind since about January 11 2009) is this – will All Tomorrow’s Parties festival be coming back to Australia?


  • 11th “local noise, drone, psych, punk, weird sounds” at Pharaoh Gallery.
  • 12th Cheer Advisory Council at the Metro.
  • 12th The Bedroom Philiosopher at Jive.
  • 14th Avant Gardeners, The Big Band, Old Mate at the Metro.
  • 14th Kool Keith at Rocket Bar.
  • 18th “local noise, drone, psych, punk, weird sounds” at Pharaoh Gallery.
  • 19th Humble Bee at the Gov (front bar).
  • 20th Princess One Point Five, We Grow Up, Cheer Advisory Council at the Ed Castle.
  • 21st Grong Grong, Fkn Tutts, Friends at the Metro.
  • 22nd Darren Hanlon at Jive.
  • 22nd Sea Thieves at the Wheatsheaf.
  • 27th Lakes, Bad Habit, Witches at Black Mass, Greeting from SA at the Metro.


  • 3rd – No Through Road at the Jade Monkey.
  • 3rd – Flying Scribble, Fair Maiden, Tall Tall Trees at the Metro.
  • 24th – Starving Weirdos at the Exeter.
  • 25th – Hit The Jackpot, The Ancients, Fake Tan at the Metro.


  • 1st Zeni Geva at the Rhino Room.
  • 1st Smudge at the Metro.
  • 1st Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire! at the Ed Castle.
  • 8th Sun Araw, Hit the Jackpot, Terrible Truths, Bitch Prefect, Bad Habit at Format.
  • 15th Steering By Stars at the Ed Castle.
  • Ninetynine at the Metro
  • Dead Meadow touring, Adelaide possible.


  • 4th Stereosonic Festival lineup includes Wiley, Ricardo Villalobos, Jeff Mills, Caspa.

On the Stereo

  • Fabulous Diamonds Fabulous Diamonds II cd (Chapter)
  • The Pyramid SchemeMassive Reminders of a Virile King cd (Banished From the Universe)
  • Sun RaThe Magic City cd (Evidence)
  • SwansSwans Are Dead 2cd (Young God)
  • MiossecBaiser cd (Play It Again Sam)
  • MiossecBoire cd (Play It Again Sam)
  • Built To Spill Perfect From Now On cd (Warner Bros)
  • Darren Hanlon Hello Stranger cd (Candle)
  • Moon Wiring ClubAn Audience of Art Deco Eyes cd (Gecophonic)
  • The Radiophonic Workshop cd (BBC/Grey Area of Mute)