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Sunday, 24th of February, 2019

Playlist 24.02.19 (8:06 pm)

Hip-hop to industrial techno and weirdass ambient tonight...?

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Aesop Rock and Tobacco are Malibu Ken - Corn Maze [Rhymesayers]
Aesop Rock and Tobacco are Malibu Ken - 1 + 1 = 13 [Rhymesayers]
Two great artists coming together for something pretty lovely. Aesop Rock's rhymes, his agility with words and rapping, and his laconic style never fail to make me smile. After a couple of albums superbly produced by himself, he joins here with Tobacco for a true collaboration - some of the most straightforward but fit-to-purpose production from Tobacco. On the second track I featured here, he reaches some of the melodic electronic beauty of a Boards of Canada track...

Serengeti - Winter Clothes [FlamingoPop/Serengeti Bandcamp]
Serengeti - Jam Time [FlamingoPop/Serengeti Bandcamp]
On his last album to feature his iconic creation Kenny Dennis, Serengeti invited Andrew Broder aka Fog to produce - an inspired collaboration. Broder's always been an inventive and unpredictable producer & musician, and here he brings everything to the table - glitchy, hi-tech beats, chaotic sampling, and on "Jam Time", plangent glitched piano and menacing sub-bass. It's pretty incredible.

S S S S - Stripped [Haunter Records]
S S S S - noT-Part 1 (Conversations 1) [S S S S Bandcamp]
S S S S - Anonymous Materials [Edipo Re/S S S S Bandcamp]
S S S S - The Weight [Lux Rec]
S S S S - This Terrible Virtue Of Forgiveness (GIL Remix) [Haunter Records]
Swiss artist Samuel Savenberg has been making dark electronic & industrial techno for at least 5 years now as S S S S. It's a sustained aesthetic over many EPs for a number of labels, including the respected Italian label Haunter Records, who've just released his latest EP Absence.

Temp-Illusion - B (excerpt) [Zabte Sote]
Tegh - Downfall Pt II [Midira Records/Bandcamp]
Bescolour - Simplexity [Zabte Sote]
Temp-Illusion - A (except from end) [Zabte Sote]
Temp-Illusion - B (excerpt from start) [Zabte Sote]
Shahin Entezami and Behrang Najafi are Iranian experimental electronic duo Temp-Illusion. They've been active for some years, but primarily as a live act, so it's great to have a recorded document now - two long sides of a cassette on Ata Ebtekar's Zabte Sote label, documenting their live performance at Tehran's SET Festival in 2018. It's incredible, complex electronic music, covering ground from noisy techno to skittery drill'n'bass. Entezami is also known for his emotive drone & sound-art as Tegh, and Najafi makes electronica solo as Bescolour. Add them to your list of artists to follow!

Lint - Lint 2 [Lint Bandcamp]
Lint - Lint 4 [Lint Bandcamp]
Mitchell Jones formed Scattered Order in Sydney in 1979. An experimental rock/post-punk trio, they morphed into various forms of proto, post-industrial and electronic music over the years, and particular since their more recent reformation they focused on noisemakers and technology. For much of its history, Drusilla Jones (originally Johnson, now married to Mitch) was involved as well, and it's great to hear them together as a duo now, after Mitch's lovely solo album of beats & samples last year as the little hand of the faithful (Dru joined Mitch for the live performances anyway). As with last year's album, there's something surprisingly contemporary about the productions, but also harkening back to the sampling styles of the '80s and '90s, and the plodding basslines and noise guitar solos of the postpunk era. Great stuff.

Simon Scott - Mae [Touch/Bandcamp]
Simon Scott - Grace [Touch/Bandcamp]
Best known to many as the drummer in beloved shoegaze band Slowdive, Simon Scott has for the last 10 years (at least) also been making extremely good drone/sound-art albums as a solo artist, on labels like Miasmah, 12k, his own KESH and now the legendary Touch, for whom he's put out a couple of live & re-released albums, but apparently this is his first actual new album! Soundings is the new one, incorporating field recordings, modular synths and lovely string performances. There's an alternate, extended version available on cassette (& digital) too.

Chasms - Shadow [Felte]
The LA-based duo of Jess Labrador & Shannon Sky Madden, Chasms harken back to the '80s & early '90s shoegaze with drum machines and spaced out noise guitars, but there's a marked dub aesthetic melted into their sound. Jess Labrador's vocals fit the shoegaze theme perfectly, and there's a head-nodding goodness to this stuff that just makes it great for dancing around the room to.

Listen again — ~208MB

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