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Sunday, 18th of November, 2018

Playlist 18.11.18 (8:18 pm)

Enormous thanks to the wonderful peeps who filled in while I was away around the world the last two weeks: Chuyi Wang on the 4th of November and Tom Vanderzeil on the 11th. Both put together immaculate playlists - I'm really grateful.

LISTEN AGAIN and be grateful too - stream on demand from FBi or podcast here...

ZULI - Akhtuboot (ft. Abyusif) [UIQ]
ZULI - Robotic Handshakes in 4D [UIQ]
ZULI - Trigger Finger [Haunter Records]
ZULI - Vulnerbody [UIQ]
ZULI - Kollu l-Joloud (ft. MSYLMA) [UIQ]
Fantastic to have a new album from the great Egyptian producer ZULI, on the same label that released his first EPs, Lee Gamble's UIQ. Ahmed El Ghazoly's productions are much in-demand by MCs in his home of Cairo, some of whom guest on this new double LP - we heard from Abyusif on the first track. The last selection features beautiful vocals from Saudi Arabian artist MSYLMA. We first ZULI's brand of bass-heavy, glitchy experimental electronics on the Bionic Ahmed EP in 2016. Earlier this year, Milan's Haunter Records released the Trigger Finger EP, on the title track of which his jungle influences came to the fore more than ever before, but hip-hop is still at the heart of what he does. The new album has some beautiful ambient glitchy numbers and some super funky bass-driven beats. Light years ahead.

Nazar - Warning Shots [Hyperdub]
Nazar - Airstrike (feat. Shannen SP) [Hyperdub]
Somehow on a similar wavelength in a way to ZULI, if perhaps less "experimental" and hailing from the other end of the African continent, is Angolan producer Nazar. His debut EP Enclave is the first release to really grab me on Hyperdub for quite a while - described as a weaponized form of Angolan kuduro music, it's very electronic, with sounds of guns cocking and air sirens among the beats. A memento of violent conflict and oppression, and of hope and resilience.

Muqata'a - Sabr Saam [Souk Records]
Muqata'a - Faltakon [Souk Records]
Courtesy of a new sub-label of the Discrepant family, a fantastic EP of raw and creative beats from Muqata'a, active in the hip-hop scene in Ramallah, Palestine. Influences from J Dilla & Madlib rub up beautifully against Arabic music. Inspired.

Arban D. - Waiting Grounds (Hence Therefore's Impatient Remix) [Little Beat Different]
Sydney producer Simon Unwin has been based in London for a bit over a year and has made some great connections there. He's put out some tracks on the Little Beat Different label and now is found remixing Italian producer Arban D. on a new EP - a great piece of fidgety techno as Hence Therefore does so well.

Daar - Tremulous [Tandem Tapes]
Unicron - Sun Dancer [Tandem Tapes]
Yet another great split from the mighty Tandem Tapes - Indonesia-based, but I believe label boss Morgan is moving back to Australia soon. Here Melbourne electronic producer Unicron is pitted against German producer Daar, and we're all the winners - both sides have blissful melodic electronic productions, on a slightly more idm tip from Unicron, but it's a very consistent release all over.

Aperture - In These Awkward Voids [Subtext]
Aperture - Atmen [Subtext]
This is the debut release from brother-sister duo Aperture, based in Rome. Emanuele Porcinai is better known as WSR, who I've played once or twice in the past - cello, double bass and electronics. His sister Elisabetta Porcinai is a visual and spoken word artist. Together they make extremely intimate music, suffused with the sounds of home living - taps on tables, footsteps, breaths, along with Elisabetta's piercing spoken words on some tracks, and Emanuele's wistful piano and productions. It's a beautiful debut.

Hibernis - Tempestuous [Serein]
Same Waves - My Way [flau]
Slicker - Prader [Hefty Records]
Telefon Tel Aviv - Sound In A Dark Room (feat. Lindsay Anderson) [Hefty Records]
Slicker - A Strong Donkey [Hefty Records]
Colorlist - The Heart Wants Her Horses Back [Serein]
Hibernis - Hibernis Bells [Serein]
John Hughes and Lindsay Anderson have a musical history that goes back a long way. I first encountered Hughes when he released his debut album as Slicker in 1998, Confidence in Duber, an amalgam of idm-influenced skittery beats and acoustic sounds. He formed the label Hefty Records to support his solo music, but it soon became a staple of the Chicago scene, linking the venerable Chicago jazz scene and its links with the origins of post-rock with contemporary, glitchy electronica. Hefty released the brilliant electronic/folktronic New Orleans duo Telefon Tel Aviv, and on their entry into the Immediate Action EP series, they collaborated with L'Altra vocalist Lindsay Anderson, beginning a fruitful relationship with Hefty, including prominent involvement on Telefon Tel Aviv's next album, and membership of the broader Slicker band on their 2004 album We All Have A Plan.
So now in 2018, Anderson & Hughes return with two different duos. On Japan's flau label, the electronic pop of Same Waves showcases Anderson's songwriting and heartstring-pulling vocals, whereas Welsh label Serein hosts their more meditative alter-ego Hibernis, whose tracks were created as a way of chilling out in the studio before diving into the Same Waves music. It's a harmonious collaboration, and it's great to hear from both of them after a while out of the spotlight. Also on air tonight is another new release featuring Hughes, from Colorlist, a jazz fusion group centred around the extraordinary drummer Charles Rumback and the winds/keyboard player Charles Gorczinsky - Hughes joins as full-time member on this album.

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