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Sunday, 15th of July, 2018

Playlist 15.07.18 (9:00 pm)

Grimey dancehall, drill'n'bass, kosmische droneglitch postrock, classic electronics, processed piano, looped violin and some indie to finish up tonight...

LISTEN AGAIN for the sounds you can't find anywhere else... (and because I'm not here next week, soz!) Stream on demand from FBi, podcast here.

Miss Red - War [Pressure]
The Bug - Diss Mi Army (feat. Miss Red) [Ninja Tune]
The Bug - Mi Lost (feat. Miss Red) [Ninja Tune]
Miss Red - What Would You Like (prod. Andy Stott) [self-released/Bandcamp]
Miss Red - Dagga [Pressure]
Produced by The Bug, and released on his Pressure Records, here, finally, is the debut album proper from Tel Aviv gyal come good Miss Red. With a Polish and Moroccan background, Sharon Stern sings and toasts in English, with incredible energy and an immaculate sense of rhythm and phrasing. She's a perfect foil for The Bug, although on her Murder mixtape she swipes some other great grooves, including tonight's from Andy Stott's "Damage". The new album is just as good as it was always going to be.

Laxenanchaos - Dog With Snow [Virgin Babylon Records]
VMO - Out Of Orbit(Vehement Mental Orgasm Mix)---Laxenanchaos [VMO/Vampillia self-released]
Laxenanchaos - Capture Everything [Virgin Babylon Records]
Last year I was in London for a week and saw a gig almost every day, including a few of my favourite artists... On one of the nights, Japan's black metal/noise/post-rock/post-classical band Vampillia were playing, and although I've seen them a few times in Sydney, this time they were supported by their own alter-egos VMO aka Violent Magic Orchestra, an instrumental band that leans more towards hardcore and noise, and epic dynamics. It was awesome, of course. Out on the merch desk, there was the usual collection of tour-only releases, including an EP of remixes, and on that EP I discovered the breakcore/drill'n'bass wonders of Laxenanchaos - so it was rather nice to find a couple of months ago that World's End Girlfriend's wonderful Virgin Babylon Records were putting out a full length album from him. It's lovely '90s style idm, melodic drill'n'bass with cut-up vocals and everything. Many applause emojis!

Witxes - Incantations [Consouling Sounds]
Witxes - With Stung Eyes [self-released]
Witxes - The Reason [Denovali]
Witxes - The Strands [Denovali]
Witxes - Disruptions [Consouling Sounds]
Pronounced "witches", Witxes is the project of French artist Maxime Vavasseur, stretching back to 2010's self-released early works compilation Scrawls #01 (I think my copy may be hand-painted?), exploring kosmische electronics and drone, glitch, and krautrock/postrock textures. I've always loved the unpredictable creativity of his releases, drawing a lot from drone and sound-art but easily moving into something really melodic or something with heavy drums just for the hell of it. It's been a while, and it's great to have him back!

Carl Stone - Banteay Srey [Unseen Worlds]
A pioneer of live electronic music, Carl Stone has been working with computers in electronic music since 1986 (his work goes back further than that), and he's recently been the subject of two big back catalogue collections on multiple LPs from Unseen Worlds. From the second of these, Electronic Music from the Eighties and Nineties, this gorgeous epic of ambient music reminds me of an ambien-inflected tune from early µ-Ziq - and incidentally this is from 1993, so roughly contemporaneous. It's a blissful mix of electric organ, some very subtle rhythmic elements, and a slow-down, stretched and looped sample of a Burundi child's song.

Bart van Dongen & Richard van Kruysdijk - Three [Opa Loka Records]
Bart van Dongen & Richard van Kruysdijk - One [Opa Loka Records]
Described as "pianist Bart van Dongen and electronic conjuror Richard van Kruysdijk", this duo take delight in subverting the sound of the piano, both through preparations and also through live processing. The piano playing is a bit avant-classical a bit jazz - at times prettily melodic, at other times abstract - while the electronics contribute some nice granular sampling, glitchy delays and occasional power electronics. It's actually really listenable, and for those of us who love the collision of organic and digital, it's a beauty and highly recommended.

XANI - CODE ORANGE [Xani Bandcamp]
Xani Kolac is an in-demand session violinist in Melbourne and also known for her drums-and-violin duo The Twoks among other things. Her new album 3 is out in a couple of weeks, her first on vinyl (and digital), and it's also her first entirely instrumental release. It's all performed live in the studio with amps and effects and lots of creative looping and delays.

Brian Campeau - mtl/montreal [self-released/Bandcamp]
Brian Campeau - Two Repeating [Art As Catharsis]
It's been a while between albums for Brian Campeau, once of Montréal, then of Sydney, now based in Melbourne. That said, it was longer between the previous two albums. There's a bit more of a proggy rock vibe on the new one - released in August - but I gave you a sneak preview of a lovely gentle number with long strings and diminished chords. And a classic from his first album, the "cd1" version of "Montreal" and its little drum machine intro.

Listen again — ~214MB

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