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Sunday, 5th of November, 2017

Playlist 05.11.17 (8:01 pm)

Tonight we've got a special interview with amazing Sydney pianist Adrian Lim-Klumpes, and lots of other awesome new music.

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Aesop Rock - Hot Dogs [Rhymesayers]
So great to have a new song from Aesop Rock, lyrical genius. Love the slow riff over which he almost languidly rhymes. It comes with a rad video, as does so much of his work, and the skating theme is connected to the song's release, for which all profits raised are going to cancer charity Grind For Life, setup by pro skater and cancer sufferer Mike Rogers. Good cause, good music.

Bing & Ruth - Weightout [4ad]
Gorgeous piano / ambient postrock stuff from pianist David Moore's group. This is deceptive music - you could imagine it's simple, pretty, floaty music, and it is - but it's got a lot of detail wrapped up in these sounds. It's quite rapturous.

Adrian Lim-Klumpes - Watch [Off]
Triosk - Not To Hurt You [Leaf]
Adrian Klumpes - weave in and out, weave in and out [Leaf]
3ofmillions - the hand of god [Space Dairy Records]
Klumpes Ahmad - Prologue [hellosQuare]
...interview with Adrian Lim-Klumpes...
Adrian Lim-Klumpes - Chase (under interview) [Off]
Adrian Lim-Klumpes - Control [Off]
It was a pleasure to interview Sydney pianist, jazz & experimental musician Adrian Lim-Klumpes on the show tonight. I've been a fan of his since his early days in Pivot (pre-PVT) and Triosk, and I've had him in on the show numerous times, but it's been a while - indeed recently I've seen a lot more of him because we play together in Tangents. We heard a nice array of Adrian's older music - starting in Triosk days with one of his compositions with their characteristic electronics, and jazz drums'bass, through his much earlier solo album from 2006, which showcased his first thrills at working with piano & electronics all on his own; then we heard from his other band from the interim, the explosive 3ofmillions, featuring Abel Cross of Pure Evil Trio on bass, and Finn Ryan on drums. And well before both were in Tangents together, Adrian collaborated with Shoeb Ahmad on a stunning album of poise & murk.
The new solo album from Adrian Lim-Klumpes, Yield, is based around the quite monumental idea of producing a new set of Preludes & Fugues for the piano, following in the footsteps of JS Bach. With the advent of the "well-tempered klavier", tuned so that it could play "in tune" in any key, Bach wrote a prelude & fugue for each key in the chromatic scale - major & minor for C, C#/Db, D, D#/Eb and so on. This means 12 keys in major and minor, and two pieces for each - a massive undertaking. Of course Bach was the master of the musical fugue, a canon in which a musical phrase circles round to repeat itself under ever more complex extensions and self-references. For these works (read the liner notes here) the fugues are interpreted from the original Spanish "fugare", meaning to chase, and so each even-numbered track involves electronic or compositional self-reflexion or layering of some sort. It's amazing hearing that only one of these was composed ahead of the studio session that produced the 10 tracks of this album.
Adrian launches this album at Foundry 616 on Wednesday the 29th of November, along with two other great Sydney jazz pianists, Mike Nock and Alister Spence.

Kcin – New England [Hospital Hill/Kcin Bandcamp]
Another album launch coming up even sooner - Nicholas Meredith is launching his excellent Onset album at 107 Projects this coming Wednesday the 8th of November. I've seen him performing this stuff live, and it's something to be witnessed - dense, heavy electronics triggered and sculpted live, along with percussion. Check out his Instagram for some pretty cool live videos.

Ptwiggs - Exuviae [Deep Seeded Records]
Ptwiggs & WA?STE - Anathema [CVLT]
Ptwiggs - Day of Wrath [Deep Seeded Records]
Sydney artist Phoebe Twiggs has just released her debut EP as Ptwiggs on local label Deep Seeded Records (their second release after the amazing Phile debut. It's heavy and dense, informed by bass music and techno and industrial, with a kind of classicist leaning to it with its track titling and some of the sampling. Similarly inclined is a track from this year collaborating with like-minded local WA?STE aka Felix Idle, released on international net label CVLT.

Circuit des Yeux - Paper Bag [Drag City]
Circuit des Yeux - Geyser [Drag City]
Circuit des Yeux - Acarina [Ba Da Bing/Circuit des Yeux Bandcamp]
Circuit des Yeux - Do The Dishes [Thrill Jockey]
Circuit des Yeux - Black Fly [Drag City]
I was lucky enough to interview the extraordinary Haley Fohr at the beginning of the year, ahead of her performance at 2017's Sydney Festival. Last year she released an album under the name Jackie Lynn, a kind of country pop concept album that was a bit of a departure from the more freeform, experimental songwriting of Circuit des Yeux. This year, now on Drag City, she returns to Circuit des Yeux after a somewhat bizarre neurological event, and she draws on that more straightforward songwriting without abandoning her longterm interests in sonic exploration, free musical structures and deep arrangements. Ever-present is her powerful baritone voice, and to me it's exciting seeing her development as a creator of moving, revelatory songs precisely without compromising her musical vision. Reaching For Indigo is everything we could've expected from her and more.

Chelsea Wolfe - Vex (feat. Aaron Turner) [Sargent House]
Chelsea Wolfe - After The Fall [Sargent House]
Chelsea Wolfe - Offering [Sargent House]
And finally, another powerful female voice in avant-garde songwriting. Chelsea Wolfe has long been associated with the metal world, guesting with predominantly instrumental post-metallers Russian Circles and more recently appearing with melodic hardcore/metal supergroup (of a sort) Mutoid Man. So it's not that surprising to hear the fierce roar of the legendary Aaron Turner (ISIS, Sumac, Old Man Gloom) on of the tracks on her new album. It's no more or less metal than her last couple of albums though - some heavy riffage, but also plenty of gothic folk. I would've liked to hear more of the electronic treatments from the last two albums, but it's a small complaint with such strong material.

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One Response to “Playlist 05.11.17”

  1. Chris Cook Says:

    Hi Peter
    Greetings from Grenoble where I now reside.
    I enjoyed reading about your recent Blade Runner themed show.
    One of my favourite uses of the film is a brief but very cool sample in "Aftermath" by Tricky.
    Anyway, guess what, there's a new Same Actor EP... thanks to Antopolis Recordings


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