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Sunday, 24th of September, 2017

Playlist 24.09.17 (1:00 am)

Beautiful drones, industrial beats, glitchy bliss…

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Helena Espvall – För Leucothea [Tandem Tapes]
It’s wonderful to have some new solo works from Swedish-American cellist & multi-instrumentalist Helena Espvall, known for playing with psych folk band Espers, but for her many many collaborative works (and scattered solo material) she tends to be found working in the noise/drone/improv spectrum… And so it is with the tracks on this split cassette, absolutely stunning sound works made with cello and guitar (I believe).

Gabriel Saloman – What Belongs To the Line [Shelter Press]
Gabriel Saloman – What Belongs To Love [Shelter Press]
GMS aka Gabriel Saloman was one half of the beloved noise band Yellow Swans. This is from the third in a series of EPs entitled Movement Building, also now collected as a 2CD album by Shelter Press (and available separately as a 12?), all somewhat based around rhythmic drive, from subconscious bass downbeats to all-out percussive battering. Around this he weaves a beautiful spectrum of drones and twangs. Absolutely stunning.

The Seaport & The Airport – Two Trick Pony [Perfect Hair]
A New Zealander now living in Sydney, Oscar Wuts shows his junglist roots on this perfectly composed piece of breakbeat nostalgia. So glad people are making these sounds now – and locally! There’s a second album coming from The Seaport & The Airport, with breakbeats fast & slow, and you can still find his previous one if you like the sounds.

AnD – Resisting Authority [Electric Deluxe]
AnD – Narcissism [Electric Deluxe]
Two slabs of ultra-heavy noise’n’beats from UK duo AnD, first segueing out of The Seaport & The Airport with drum’n’bass nihilism, then something at a more dubstep tempo. There’s techno & various other sounds on this album, but it’s all wrapped up in swathes of noise and it’s all overdriven to the max. As the album title Social Decay suggests, it’s the sound of our industrial cyberpunk present.

JASSS – To Eat With Dirty Hands [iDEAL Recordings]
JASSS – Every Single Fish In The Sea [iDEAL Recordings]
Silvia Jiménez Alvarez is a ridiculously talented young artist working at the crossover between sound-art, industrial and techno. The music on her debut album Weightless flits easily between the dancefloor and then mindwarp, mostly aiming to freak you out wherever it finds you. Overlapping spoken Spanish words are subsumed by thudding bass and disquieting synths. Equally the disturbing English spoken words in our second take from the album tonight, with echoing processed sound – but it builds into a Teutonic industrial banger with strident chords and a pulsating bassline. Hugely impressive debut.

Köhn – Brügge [(K-RAA-K)³]
Köhn – Karohte [(K-RAA-K)³]
Köhn – öhnöch [(K-RAA-K)³]
de Portables – Telephone [(K-RAA-K)³]
Köhn – wabbit regghae [(K-RAA-K)³]
Köhn – remembering the flash back [Western Vinyl]
Köhn en de Portables – 120 km/µ ? 120bpm [(K-RAA-K)³]
Köhn – Goodbye, Pluto [(K-RAA-K)³]
Köhn – Wisch [(K-RAA-K)³]
And so we arrive at the big feature for tonight – the word of Jürgen de Blonde, mostly known as Köhn. In Belgium & Europe he is perhaps equally known for being part of the long-lived oft-pranksterish postrock/indie rock band de Portables, from whom we hear a couple of cuts as well tonight (in particular the first one has a solid The For Carnation feel, maybe crossed with The Notwist).
He’s got a new album out on the Flemish (north Belgian) label (K-RAA-K)³, an influential experimental label that he’s been associated with for over 20 years. For mine, his early albums are just as much classic documents of glitch and electronic experimentalism as the early albums of Fennesz, Farmers Manual et al (coming only a few years after the very early Mego releases) – in fact, I was first introduced to his music via the beloved Aussie glitch/drone producer pimmon (also known as beloved Aussie radio & now podcast hero Paul Gough), and I faithfully collected his albums back in the day. Somewhere in the last 10 years or so he shifted mostly to kosmische drones and pulses, but this new album ties all his strands back together nicely, looping back on the earlier glitches and no-input sonic processing along with krautrocky and postrocky excursions.

Listen again — ~204MB

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