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Sunday, 17th of September, 2017

Playlist 17.09.17 (1:00 am)

Quite a show tonight, full of mostly Australian music! Except when it’s not. Mostly electronic music, except the bits which aren’t.

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Pop Will Eat Itself – Harry Dean Stanton [RCA/Cherry Red Records]
I guess this is partially a silly excuse to play one of my favourite bands of the deep (’90s) past, but anyway the Poppies defined a particular mixture of grease-punk riffs and sampling culture (hip-hop and techno) from the last ’80s into the mid ’90s. I have no idea what this song (written by co-frontman and now much-awarded soundtrack composer Clint Mansell) has to do with Harry Dean Stanton, but the beloved actor whose name graces this track passed away this week. It’s hard to believe he was 91 years old, and hard also to believe that this track is a quarter of a century old itself!

common holly – if after all [Solitaire Recordings]
common holly – the desert [Solitaire Recordings]
Although Solitaire Recordings are based in Melbourne (we’ve heard quite a bit of indietronic loveliness from the label on this show), new signing common holly aka Brigitte Naggar is based in Montréal. It’s primarily delicate indiefolk, but there’s an exploratory nature to the recordings, with clattery sampled percussion and other sounds across a number of tracks, which makes it perfect for this show – even if the songs weren’t as delightful as they very much are.

Danielle de Picciotto & Werkstatt – Desert Fruit (Perera Elsewhere Remix) [Monika Enterprise]
AGF & Werkstatt – Ninjaness [Monika Enterprise]
Lucrecia Dalt & Werkstatt – Blindholes (Borusiade Remix) [Monika Enterprise]
Earlier this year Gudrun Gut’s label Monika convened a Werkstatt (German for workshop) in a country property outside of Berlin with a generations-crossing group of female electronic producers from around the world. A double LP and CD set was released a few months ago with a substantial array of collaborative works, and now what appears to be the first in a set of remix EPs has been released (this one subtitled “Berlin / Los Angeles”). Not all of the remix artists featured are female, but the two I’ve selected tonight do also happen to be. First up, the boundary-pushing Perera Elsewhere from the UK radically reworks one of the highlights from the compilation from Berlin-based American multimedia artist Danielle de Picciotto (for the last 5 years a member of postpunk legends Crime & the City Solutiom), and later Miruna Boruzescu aka Romanian producer Borusiade turns in a dark techno take on Lucrecia Dalt‘s short contribution. In between, one of the original contributions, choppy electronica from the one and only AGF.

Ducks! – Into The Sea (feat. Nate Goldentone) [Ducks! Bandcamp]
Ducks! – Dear You [Ducks! Bandcamp]
Aussies Lani Bagley and Craig Schuftan are, like our previous project, based in Berlin. Their Ducks! project is joyfully hard to pigeonhole, with a funky psychedelic, electronic pop background but just as easily able to fall into head-nodding instrumental territory. Fun stuff.

palence – scarp [The Playground]
London-based electronic artist Savanh Phaophanit aka palence claims influence in equal amounts from postrock & slowcore artists like Low, and idm & electronic artists like Aphex Twin. Whatever the provenance, palence’s music here is beautifully melodic alongside the skittering trap hi-hats. An artist to investigate.

Kcin – ISOL [Hospital Hill/Kcin Bandcamp]
Acharné – Innocence and Suburbia (Kcin Remix) [Seppüku]
Kcin – New England [Hospital Hill/Kcin Bandcamp]
Sydney’s Nicholas Meredith has been making music for a decade or so, trained as a jazz drummer, but his Kcin project finds him in deliciously dark electronic vein, with an industrial weight to the bass and beats, synth pads verging into distortion, plenty of atmosphere and also controlled chaos. Really super great anyway. In the middle there we heard Nick’s remix of another Aussie long resident in Berlin (not any more mind you!), Deepchild, under his lovely ambient electronica alias Acharné.

phile – Found in Blood [Deep Seeded Records]
We heard Sydney duo of phile, producers Hannah Lockwood and Gareth Psaltis, a few weeks ago on this show. Their debut self-titled EP came out on Deep Seeded Records, and it’s a really interesting mix of industrial techno and some hardcore punk/metal influences – and hear that postpunk bassline in this track!

ptwiggs – Hypno Game [ptwiggs Bandcamp]
Another Sydney artist, Phoebe Twigg’s debut vinyl EP is also coming out on Deep Seeded Records soon (click link for pre-orders) but in the meantime here’s a frenetic drum’n’bass-influenced track from earlier this year.

IljusWifmo – Dog Fight [IljusWifmo Bandcamp]
IljusWifmo – Frenetic [Clubwerks]
I’ve been awaiting some new material from Sydney duo IljusWifmo since I heard their track “Scatter” on a TEEF compilation last year. Expert bass-heavy beats for progressive dancefloors.

F ingers – You’re Confused [Blackest Ever Black]
F ingers – Escaping Into The Bushes [Blackest Ever Black]
F ingers – Awkwardly Blissing Out [Blackest Ever Black]
Melbourne trio F ingers have released their second album now on on-point London label Blackest Ever Black. It follows on from a highly successful solo debut from Carla dal Forno, but it’s great to hear her teaming up again with Bum Creek alumni Sam Karmel and Tarquin Manek (the latter of whom has released some bizarre, freewheeling solo stuff himself on the label). Don’t bother trying to pin it down – the vocals are mixed low if they’re there, tracks seem formless and random, the playing seems inept, except… not. It’s not random, and it’s strangely beguiling, even while it’s also strangely spooky. Whatever, these three know what they’re doing, and they’re doing it very, very well.

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