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Sunday, 3rd of September, 2017

Playlist 03.09.17 (12:57 am)

Tonight we start with indie shoegazetronica, but focus on industrial technoid and noise sounds for the most part…

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Jesu & Sun Kil Moon – Father’s Day (feat. Rachel Goswell) [Caldo Verde Records]
Jesu & Sun Kil Moon – Needles Disney [Caldo Verde Records]
As a fully-paid-up Justin K Broadrick fan, these collaborations with Mark Kozelek aka Sun Kil Moon were initially a bit hard of a hard pill to swallow. As is his wont, Kozelek just sings and talks about himself over Broadrick’s gorgeous beats, and it can sometimes feel like he’s dominating what should be an equal collaboration. Nevertheless, they really are artistic collaborations, and Kozelek drops Justin’s name at various points (even when he’s talking about some other song he’s writing, or some gig he played some day). It’s odd, but both albums have some utterly compelling highlights, such as, er, today’s song, “Father’s Day” from the first album (featuring shoegaze royalty in Slowdive‘s Rachel Goswell), and the plaintive “Needles Disney” from the new album, with its sparse beat and heavy bass.

Nordra – Ships [Nordra Bandcamp]
Nordra – Regret 1 [SIGE]
Around Seattle, WA (and further afield in the US at least), Monika Khot is known as one half of the psychedelic rock/noise outfit Zen Mother. Last year she released an album-length score to a dance work called PYLON II, but now she’s had a self-titled LP released through the fantastic SIGE Records – Washington State-based label run by Faith Coloccia of Mamiffer and Aaron Turner of ISISOld Man GloomSUMAC et al. It’s truly magnificent, with mournful synths, heavy industrial beats, glitching samples etc.

Enderie – Sore [ROOM40]
Brisbane artist Andrew McLellan, now relocated to Sydney, has been known for the unclassifiable noisy band Cured Pink in the past, but as Enderie he’s now released two cassettes of primitivist, industrial techno stuff. Inspired by the urban landscape, it’s lo-fi and nice and noisy.

MSRMNT – 011_01 [unreleased]
This is the only track I’ve found from Nik Kaloper of The Jezabels but hoo boy this is great – minimal and then maximal electronics, noisy synth riffs and chaotic drum machines… great stuff.

Peder Mannerfelt – Obey [Wallroom]
From a new single, very rave-influenced, quite minimalist techno/jungle from Sweden’s Peder Mannerfelt, one half of Roll The Dice. Really nice stuff.

Pessimist – Through The Fog [Blackest Ever Black]
Bristol’s Pessimist has released his debut album on Blackest Ever Black, and it’s being billed as drum’n’bass, which obviously on a track like this it is – but it’s really a darkstyle d’n’b/techstep-influenced techno album, with some growly ambient passages and some much more 4/4 beats around. All very dark, suitably!

Shit and Shine – Notified [Editions Mego]
Shit and Shine – Kitten Mask [Riot Season]
Shit and Shine – Am I A Nice Guy? (feat. Pete Simonelli) [Riot Season]
Shit and Shine – People Like You… REALLY! [Riot Season]
Shit&Shine – Bass Puppy [Badmaster Records]
Shit & Shine – Value [Diagonal Records]
Shit and Shine – Bus Station [Editions Mego]
$HIT AND $HINE – Fuck That [Diagonal Records]
Shit & Shine – Jreemteem [Gang of Ducks]
Shit and Shine – The Crocodile [Editions Mego]
Here’s our special on the noise/electronic project of Craig Clouse with various collaborators – spinning away from his hardcore punk & doom roots into various types of rhythmic and beat-based musics. Often overdriven to the extreme, it has roots in noise but has tended particularly in the 2010s to quite danceable forms, although it will just as easily veer off into glitchy, timestretched stumblings. Clouse is joined by various drummers at various times in the band’s history, and also on a few occasions by spoken word artist Pete Simonelli, of San Francisco postpunk band Enablers. I’d heard some of the band’s music in a noise context, but when the “Bass Puppy” 12" came out in 2010, with its freakishly distorted take on dubstep, I realised I needed to delve deeper into this stuff. More recently, his releases on Powell’s Diagonal Records and on Editions Mego among other labels have more explicitly explored disco, electro/house and breakbeat influences, albeit with glitchy intrusions and processing – and the occasional outbreak of hardcore punk to keep us on our toes. Taken as a whole, it’s a pretty amazing body of work.

LCC – Titan [Editions Mego]
LCC – Adámas (Throwing Snow remix) [Editions Mego]
LCC – She [Editions Mego]
Previously known as Las CasiCasiotone, LCC is a duo made up two women from northern Spain, Ana Quiroga and Uge Pañeda. Our last track comes from their new album for Editions Mego, named after the ancient Egyptian goddess Bastet. Like their previous album d/evolution (heard at the top of this set), it features evocative soundscapes and beats of a mysterious, somewhat industrial nature – electronics and clanging, crackling field recordings. 2015’s remix album showed their interest in connecting this ritualistic, primal music with modern dance music (such as the junglist take by Throwing Snow) as well as fellow electronic experimentalists such as Tujiko Noriko. I haven’t seen nearly enough media about this group – it’s super quality work.

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