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Sunday, 30th of July, 2017

Playlist 30.07.17 (12:52 am)

Everything from jazz to electro-pop to power ambient tonight…

LISTEN AGAIN because there’s a quiz later. FBi always has the stream on demand, or podcast here.

Alister Spence Trio – As true [self-released]
Alister Spence Trio – caught in light [Rufus Records]
Alister Spence Trio – neon and rain [Rufus Records]
Alister Spence Trio – Seventh Song [Rufus Records]
Alister Spence Trio – Room 13 [Rufus Records]
This program often leans towards jazz-like genres, but it’s always nice to have something that’s pretty fairly situated within the jazz genre yet suits Utility Fog to a tee. I’ve always felt Alister Spence‘s music with his trio fits that bill perfectly – there’s drifty electronic sound processing, perfect breakbeat drums from Toby Hall, and expressive double bass from The Necks‘ Lloyd Swanton. The new album is called Not everything but enough, a sweet sentiment, and it’s one disc of composed jazz and one disc of guided improvisations. It’s being launched at the Sound Lounge at Seymour Centre this Saturday the 5th of August. We also heard two shimmering tracks from the 2009 album fit, and a pretty one from 2012’s Far Flung.

Ben Frost – The Beat Don’t Die In Bingo Town [Mute]
Ben Frost – All That You Love Will Be Eviscerated (Lotic Remix) [Mute]
Although he’s been based in Iceland and Europe for over a decade now, Ben Frost is an Aussie and you can still hear it in his accent. Not that he sings or speaks in his work. For some time now much of his musical output has centred around soundtrack work – or his very own opera – so it’s nice hearing something that’s purely studio music. This time he’s worked with Steve Albini, although I’m not sure how to tell from what we’re hearing. The remix by Berlin wunderkind Lotic appropriately eviscerates its beats over Frost-like bass surges.

Thet Liturgiske Owäsendet – Mineral Point [Forwind]
Thet Liturgiske Owäsendet – Iron Ridge [Forwind]
The new release from Swedish duo Thet Liturgiske Owäsendet sees them travelling to Wisconsin Mining State, with some beautiful desolate drones and some heavy industrial machine-beats on one track. It’s very descriptive music despite being quite abstract, RIYL folks like Ben Frost above, or Tim Hecker.

Isnaj Dui – Loop Two [Courier Sound]
English artist Katie English can be found with her group Littlebow producing flute-led folk and postrock-like music, but as Isnaj Dui things get even stranger. Her flute and cello are harnessed into loping, looped forms which can often sound like the more freaky tracks on Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works Volume II. This minimalist new EP comes from sessions from a new album, so expect more soon.

fieldhead – how much i love the sea [Home Assembly Music]
fieldhead – this train is a rainbow [Home Assembly Music]
Winter North Atlantic – The Maid (Fieldhead Remix) [Boltfish]
fieldhead – a correction [Gizeh]
fieldhead – accents [Home Assembly Music]
fieldhead – ton [Home Assembly Music]
I first discovered Paul Elam’s music as fieldhead when a preview EP was bundled with an album from the Hood-related band The Declining Winter, who he was also a member of over in Leeds, UK. I loved the glitchy sounds of Paul’s solo music and played it on this show, and it garnered a strong reaction, enough that one or two listeners ordered his music from halfway across the world, much to his surprise and pleasure. That album was they shook hands for hours, from which our second selection comes tonight, drones sidechained against a 2-step beat, and it was released on the Home Assembly Music label, to which he’s returned in 2017 for a lovely new album mixing droney postrock and minimal house beats. On previous releases, Brave Timbers‘ Sarah Kemp features on violin, a position taken by Elaine Reynolds on the new album.

Ametsub – Mbr / Ajisai [nothings66]
Japanese producer Ametsub has long surfed the edges between ambient and dance music, with glitchy piano processing, melodic synths and idm beats. His new EP is on the whole one of his more ambient releases, focused on his love of the mbira, the African thumb piano.

Qeei ft. Catnap – O Secos [SISTER]
Mx World – We’ve Helped Each Other Grow [SISTER]
Anna VR – R O M E [SISTER]
A few selections now from the debut comp from the SISTER collective, promoting music by women and non-gender conforming artists from all around the world producing electronic music of all genres. It’s an absolutely fantastic compilation to debut with, a hugely diverse lineup of mostly unknown artists, although Melbourne’s waterhouse appears, as does footwork name of the moment Jana Rush. Tonight we heard from Argentinian producer Tatiana Heuman aka Qeei, London-based Mx World, both with unusual beats and vocals, plus Berlin-based producer Anna VR with piano and heavy electronics.

Constant Light – Young Trucks [Constant Light Bandcamp]
Constant Light – Lie Of The Lands [Constant Light Bandcamp]
As Constant Light, Sasha Margolis and James Dean tread a thin line between the more experimental reaches of krautrock and their more indiepop leanings, nicely expressed on the lovely second song I played tonight. This is actually a filler album before a proper new release coming soon, but it’s all quality, and surprisingly wide-ranging.

Listen again — ~195MB

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