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Sunday, 25th of June, 2017

Playlist 25.06.17 (12:46 am)

Evening! A great array of music sourced from a couple of Aussie-related compilations and some really interesting international & local acts tonight.

LISTEN AGAIN because if not now, when? You can always stream on demand via FBi’s website, or podcast here.

We start with a recent release from Anthony Pateras‘ Immediata label, a composition from himself with French experimental legend Jérôme Noetinger and Sydney institution Synergy Percussion. With instrumentation based on Xenakis’ famous, challenging work Pleiades. Processional percussion, both tuned and not, with some delectable electronic spurtings, over 15 minutes in part 1 of this work…

Sydney area’s m. rocket (aka Mannheim Rocket, proprietor of 3bs records), has a new cassette coming out soon in which lo-fi digital audio software (on iPad no less) meets the very lo-fi hiss of the cassette. Even if you listen on digital you’ll be swamped by the hiss as samples of Cio-Cio San and Donna Summer are stretched into whispy tendrils. It’s quite haunting. On the flipside, Klangberg further reworks these sounds into something even dronier.

Sydney’s Feral Media label have been putting together their Strain of Origin comps for quite a few years – originally in collaboration with (or versus) Brisbane’s Lofly label, but they’ve carried on after the latter label closed up shop. They’re a showcase for Aussie artists from all around the country to both remix and be remixed – each artist playing both roles, although never directly each other. There are a number of really strong tracks this time round, but I was really happy to hear a great take by Canberran producer Aphir on one of Rebel Yell‘s successful singles from last year. Equally awesome is another Canberran, Reuben Ingall‘s version of one of my favourite techno tracks from last year, by Sydney’s Hence Therefore. When my band Tangents were invited, I jumped at the chance to remix Reuben, although most of the heavy lifting was done by our laptoppiste Ollie Bown.

Reuben Ingall also turns up on the epically awesome new compilation from Jakarta-based, Australian-run Tandem Tapes. TT020 is For Headspace #1, a digital compilation that runs over 4 hours, with 50 tracks from noise to experimental electronic to folk to droney indie to even breakcore. As well as Reuben, label boss Morgan McKellar has pulled in a whole lot of other Aussie talent (including himself as Bright Sea, who we’ll hear next week!), and I played Tangents member Shoeb Ahmad with a gorgeous bit of indiedrone(?) with a female vocal in this version. Portland, Oregon band die geister beschwören contribute a piece of beautiful experimental folk while Indonesian breakcore artist Individual Distortion gives us a short, sharp shock.

And now we come to a big artist-in-focus for tonight, with the incomparable & versatile Italian percussionist Andrea Belfi. He’s built up a sizeable list of impressive collaborations over the years, with folks like Carla BozulichDavid GrubbsMike WattMachinefabriek and many Italian experimental luminaries. Solo, he creates slow-evolving pieces in which his motorik percussion tends to be juxtaposed with wobbling, warbling electronic tones and pedal bass. It’s mysterious and immersive music which I can’t get enough of. He’s put out releases through many labels including Brisbane’s ROOM40, and earlier this year from French visual/audio publisher IIKKI. His new album Ore is released in various physical & digital formats by new UK label Float, run by Sofia Ilyas, who did PR for many years for Erased Tapes. They’re definitely off to a good start.

Jérôme Noetinger · Anthony Pateras · Synergy Percussion – Beauty Will Be Amnesiac Or WIll Not Be At All Part I [Immediata]
m.rocket – madame appropriate [3bs records]
Rebel Yell – Ideal Fitness (Aphir remix) [Feral Media]
Reuben Ingall – Eyelids (Tangents remix) [Feral Media]
Hence Therefore – Cicada Death Roll (Reuben Ingall remix) [Feral Media]
Reuben Ingall – Yolk [Tandem Tapes]
Shoeb Ahmad – Rewoven [Tandem Tapes]
die geister beschwören – Gegenschein (Countershine) [Tandem Tapes]
m. lethe – verisimilarbodymovements [Tandem Tapes]
Individual Distortion – Je Deteste Jakarta [Tandem Tapes]
Andrea Belfi – Lead [Float]
Andrea Belfi – Parte quarta [die Schachtel]
Andrea Belfi – C [ROOM40]
Andrea Belfi – roteano [Miasmah]
Andrea Belfi – abito [IIKKI]
Andrea Belfi – Syncline [Float]

Listen again — ~199MB

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