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Sunday, 15th of May, 2016

Playlist 15.05.16 (9:12 pm)

Special on the wonderful Evelyn Morris aka Pikelet this evening, among other things.
Evelyn experienced the unimaginable a few days ago, when her entire gear setup was stolen from her locked car in Preston, VIC. You can support her efforts to rebuild at this GoFundMe while it's still up, or by purchasing music direct from her Bandcamp.

LISTEN AGAIN on the podcast here or stream on demand at FBi.

Really Pikelet needs no introduction on this show. I've been playing her since her first album was released in 2007, from inventive songs based around loop pedals to full band extravaganzas to drum machine & sampler experiments and extraordinary piano and voice works. If her brilliant music wasn't enough, Evelyn is also the initiator and driving force behind the website, label & publisher LISTEN, which was conceived of two years ago (to the day, apparently) in a deep & passionate Facebook thread borne of a frustration with the marginalisation and mistreatment of women (and non-cis-het-white-males) in the Australian music industry. It's an essential resource for everyone.
Tonight we hear tracks from all Pikelet's albums but also a few more esoteric works, including a couple of demos from CDR releases, and a loping, looping remix of American intuitive folk artist Diane Cluck.

Susanna Wallumrød has been releasing music under her first name and as Susanna and the Magical Orchestra since 2004, often on the Rune Grammofon label but more recently on her own SusannaSonata. She's known for her interpretations of other people (including Dolly Parton and AC/DC, and the Norwegian poet Gunvor Hofmo), and for her very pure, clear voice. She's approached jazz-inflected pop and folk in the past, but has close connections with the Norwegian experimental and free improv scene, and we heard some pretty heavy sounds on her collaboration with Jenny Hval a couple of years ago, Meshes of Voice. Her new solo album Triangle explores the theme of spirituality, or perhaps a desire for some kind of spirituality from the perspective of an outsider... With 22 tracks, running to over 70 minutes, it probes its theme quite deeply, and mixes piano ballads with cello, violin, tuba, double bass and other instruments, along with distortion & electronic processing. It's a major work.

About a month ago I played a couple of tracks from the remarkable collaboration between Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, Kim Myhr & Jenny Hval. Filigree guitar (and perhaps harp?), wonderfully odd orchestral jazz arrangements and Jenny Hval's poetic vocals combine into something very unusual, challenging and quite beautiful.

Dublin duo Lakker have been going from strength to strength in the last few years, having started as something of a bedroom IDM project around 2007. Now based in Berlin and signed to the legendary Belgian label R&S Records (with a history that goes back to the early days of ambient techno and rave), they're at the forefront of the Berlin industrial techno sound, with tough beats and wind-swept synth beauty. Following last year's album which featured female and choral vocals on more than half the tracks, Struggle & Emerge comes out of a commission from The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision’s RE:VIVE initiative, asking for a work focused on The Netherlands' relationship with water, using field recordings and samples of broadcasts.

I'm not sure what to make of the new Andy Stott album just yet. I felt like 2012's Luxury Problems and the EPs that preceded it were masterpieces of sonic alchemy, and I enjoyed Faith in Strangers' step sideways in 2014 into postpunk electric bass combined with his raw jungle experiments with Miles Demdike as Millie & Andrea. But somehow the even rawer sound here, using simple samplers, distorted grime and '80s electronic pop, doesn't seem as cohesive and the deliberate lo-fi production values can grate a little. It's a shame, as there's still some compelling stuff at the track level, including some lovely as ever contributions from Alison Skidmore on vocals. Hopefully it'll grow on me!

Pikelet - dear unimaginables [Chapter Music]
Pikelet - Bryson [self-released]
Pikelet - A Bunch [Chapter Music]
Pikelet - Take Off The Face Paint [self-released]
Pikelet - Swooping Buzzards [Chapter Music]
Diane Cluck - "Love Me If You Do" Cluck Cluck remix by Evelyn Morris [Pikelet Bandcamp]
Pikelet - Peephole [Chapter Music]
Pikelet - Darwin Heat [Listen Records]
Pikelet - interface dystopia [Chapter Music]
Susanna - Holy / Sacred [SusannaSonata]
Susanna - This / Phenomena [SusannaSonata]
Jenny Hval & Susanna - Dawn [SusannaSonata]
Susanna - This Place [c/o Wire Magazine]
Susanna - Burning Sea [SusannaSonata]
Susanna - The Fire [SusannaSonata]
Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, Kim Myhr & Jenny Hval - Me, You, Me, You [Hubro]
Lakker - Maeslantkering Gating [R&S Records]
Lakker - Coal Bath [Candela Rising]
Lakker - Milch feat. Eileen Carpio [R&S Records]
Lakker - Fierljeppen [R&S Records]
Andy Stott - Waiting For You [Modern Love]
Andy Stott - Selfish [Modern Love]

Listen again — ~187MB

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