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Sunday, 24th of August, 2014

Playlist 24.08.14 (9:05 pm)

Big chat with Lawrence English tonight about his new album, Room40 etc. And some great new sounds from UK, the Netherlands, the USA...

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You can also enjoy the interview with Lawrence English on its own: many fascinating words of wisdom and some beautiful music! Download here.

We had two takes from the amazing new album from Kevin Martin aka The Bug, one from each side as it's strutured as Angels & Devils. Liz Harris of Grouper contributes an amazing vocal to a beautiful track, and Flowdan can be relied upon for the heaviest hitters, here joined by longtime Kevin Martin collaborator Justin K Broadrick on guitar riffage.

I finally got into clipping. while I was travelling, and their brand of noise/glitch-hop is very welcome. Lots of dirty words but a great flow and less aggression than, say, Death Grips.

Then a great big interview with Lawrence English, a conversation spanning lots of topics, and a short overview of his fantastic recording career... So much more that I could've played, ranging from Tim Hecker-like cracklescapes to field recordings, to collaborations with indie & electronic artists...

A bunch of new things next from fellow drone/experimental music traveller Machinefabriek. First up his amazing trio Shivers, released on the mighty Miasmah, with Gareth Davis on clarinet (don't let this mislead you - it's often an imposing and immense presence!) and Leo Fabriek on drums. And after something from one of the many solo releases he's always releasing, we heard a beautiful glitchy ambient remix of ultra-famous duduk player Djivan Gasparyan, courtesy of the classic ambient label All Saints Records who are having a bit of a resurgence and released a fantastic double-CD compilation of back catalogue and contemporary remixes. I coulda/shoulda played Roger Eno, Harold Budd and so many others, but I found this excellent piece of funky electronica from Brian Eno from the early '90s which floated my boat (and I'm very agnostic about Eno's music, so this is a good thing), and the Bee Mask remix of Laraaji is a superb mix of past & present.

The Bug - Void feat. Liz Harris [Ninja Tune]
The Bug - Fat Mac feat. Flowdan & JK Flesh [Ninja Tune]
clipping. - taking off [Sub Pop]
clipping. - real (feat. ezra buchla) [clipping. bandcamp]
clipping. - overpass (skit) [clipping. bandcamp]
clipping. - work work (feat. cocc pistol cree) [Sub Pop]
Lawrence English - Wilderness of Mirrors [Room40]
...interview with Lawrence English...
Lawrence English - Oamura [Touch]
Lawrence English - Forgiving Noir / Graceless Hunter / Hapless Gatherer [Room40]
Object - Horizon [Quatermass]
Lawrence English - Droplet [12k]
Shivers - Rabid [Miasmah]
Shivers - Brood [Miasmah]
Machinefabriek - (Chinstrap) [Machinefabriek]
Djivan Gasparyan - Moon Shines At Night (Machinefabriek version) [All Saints Records]
Brian Eno - What Actually Happened? [All Saints Records]
Laraaji - A Cave In England (Bee Mask version) [All Saints Records]

Listen again — ~106MB

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