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Sunday, 15th of June, 2014

Playlist 15.06.14 (9:11 pm)

Second-last show before I head on tour overseas for a little over 7 weeks.

LISTEN AGAIN yada yada... stream over there, link below...

We have an odd but sweet dub-style collaboration between Greg Haines & Peter Broderick, a sneak preview of new Earth, who play at Manning Bar this Thursday, and then just a bit of amazing Irish black metal from Altar of Plagues, including a remix by Ben Frost from the Japanese release of the album from last year... to introduce Altar of Plagues' new electronic project WIFE - although the first EP was from 2012. His talent for contemporary beats with a slight industrial bent and pop vocals is almost disturbing, given the perfect riffage & screaming he was producing before...
US ex-pat M.E.S.H. is now based in Berlin and making crunchy broken-up beats for experimental label PAN, one of the more straightforwardly beat-oriented things they've done. V/VM's James Leyland Kirby has released some woozily sickly sweet stuff under his middle name, but the Intrigue & Stuff series, from each of whose four EP's we took a track tonight, highlights the darker sound of his electronic productions, very sci-fi and very horror...
And then some local experimental & electronic producers - all free on Bandcamp. Brisbane's EVA comes courtesy of a compilation from Vexed Axis. Young Sydney producer Elbee has has intricate computer game beats & lush melodies. Comatone brings one of the last tracks from the last of Feral Media's Seasons EPs, and Canberra's Gatherer has a minimal synth study from another of his Canons EPs.

Greg Gives Peter Space - Electric Eel River [Erased Tapes]
Earth - Rooks Against the Gates [Southern Lord]
Earth - Coda Maestoso in F(flat) Minor (Autechre remix) [No Quarter]
Altar of Plagues - Mills [Profound Lore/Daymare]
Altar of Plagues - Watchers Restrained (Remix by Ben Frost) [Profound Lore/Daymare]
WIFE - Bodies [left_blank]
WIFE - Circles [left_blank]
WIFE - Like Chrome [Tri-Angle]
WIFE - Salvage [Tri-Angle]
M.E.S.H. - Scythians [PAN]
M.E.S.H. - Captivated [PAN]
Leyland Kirby - Derelict Bar [History Always Favours The Winners]
Leyland Kirby - Ruined Visions [History Always Favours The Winners]
Leyland Kirby - Eventually, It Eats Your Lungs [History Always Favours The Winners]
Leyland Kirby - The watcher & the watched [History Always Favours The Winners]
EVA - Lost In Spaces [Vexed Axis]
Elbee - Zeldomeld [Elbee Bandcamp/Wood And Wire]
Elbee - The Indexilarm Dimension (feat. Elise Carpio, violin) [Elbee Bandcamp/Wood And Wire]
Comatone - Moving Along Away From It [Feral Media]
Gatherer - Synth Nebula [Gatherer Bandcamp]

Listen again — ~101MB

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