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Sunday, 22nd of December, 2013

Playlist 22.12.13 (9:05 pm)

Second-last UFog of the year, and still playing new musics! Next two will be best of 2013 though.

LISTEN AGAIN if you value your life. Link at bottom, stream in stereo from FBi.

You may be surprised but I've started with two Beyoncé tracks tonight, mixed up with a couple from the new M.I.A. album as well - but perhaps Maya would be less surprising given the usual chopped-up genre-bounding production she works with. The Beyoncé really is very fine though, especially the two tracks I played, mixing in trap and other bass-heavy music along with the r'n'b, and in the latter, some very minimal production that can't help reminding me of Andy Stott a little bit.

Then we heard into Machinedrum's latest free EP courtesy of his email list, all ambient but very much in keeping with the cyberpunk atmos of his wonderful Vapor City album. Then the revenge of the machines continues with Machinefabriek's ambient soundtrack to a beautiful movie of slow-moving landscapes which I can't wait to watch.

In Australia, a couple of releases on the Wood And Wire label, from post-jazz/improv/electronics Pollen Trio (now resident in Sydney and with the one and only Marcus Whale on electronics and voice) and Poland/Canberra duo Piotr-Heslin doing cut-up abstract vocals and electronics.
And collaborations in the form of remixes from Feral Media/Lofly's brilliant Strain of Origin III remix compilation.

Oh yeah, and in surprise "releases" of the week, Four Tet reached 100,000 followers on Twitter(!) and decided to stick a whole lot of tracks up on Sendspace. The links are all still there, although Sendspace will only let you download one track at a time if you don't have a subscription. Lots of great stuff, from quite early glitchy, jazzy UK garage-influenced hip-hop numbers to recent UK garage-influenced house, etc - and a really nice Atoms For Peace remix which was previously only streamable on SoundCloud.

Leverton Fox is a trio of electronics and drums from the UK, whose last two ablums feature Sam Britton from Icarus, release on their own Not Applicable label. Nice mix of the noisy and the beautiful.

And finally a bit of a special on the music of Ben Chatwin aka Talvihorros - one of the best post-drone(?) producers around, mixing drone and noise elements with acoustic and electric guitar, drums and electronics. Also a quite shoegazey/postrocky collaboration from 2011 with Matthew Collings, who put out another of my fave albums of this year (tune in next week folks!)

Beyoncé - Yoncé / Partition [Columbia]
M.I.A. - Karmageddon [N.E.E.T./Interscope]
M.I.A. - Only 1 U [N.E.E.T./Interscope]
Beyoncé - Ghost / Haunted [Columbia]
Machinedrum - Vizion [Ninja Tune]
Machinedrum - Vaulted [Ninja Tune]
Rutger Zuydervelt - Stillness #1 [Machinefabriek Bandcamp]
Pollen Trio - Bowie [Wood And Wire]
Pollen Trio - Moon [Wood And Wire]
Piotr-Heslin - klaiceps [Wood And Wire]
Piotr-Heslin - soursop [Wood And Wire]
¹fm¹ - Maise (Vacant Lake remix) [Feral Media/Lofly]
Reuben Ingall - Brick (0point1 remix) [Feral Media/Lofly]
Four Tet - Pyramid (Atoms For Peace rmx 1) [Free Sendspace download via Four Tet Twitter]
Four Tet - 101112 [Free Sendspace download via Four Tet Twitter]
Leverton Fox - Spindle [Not Applicable]
Leverton Fox - Prang [Gravid Hands]
Leverton Fox - Le Tombeau de Monsieur Whippy [Not Applicable]
Leverton Fox - Strix Undercroft [Not Applicable]
Talvihorros - Today I Am Reborn [Facture]
Talvihorros/Matthew Collings - ten drops [Hibernate/Matthew Collings Bandcamp]
Talvihorros - Etude VIII [Audio Gourmet]
Talvihorros - The Two Great Lights [Denovali]
Talvihorros - Etude V [Dronarivm]
Talvihorros - In the Belly of the Beast [Facture]

Listen again — ~105MB

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