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Sunday, 3rd of February, 2013

Playlist 03.02.13 (9:07 pm)

So today was the amazing day we thought would never come, when My Bloody Valentine release their follow-up to 1991's loveless.
We had some other awesome sounds tonight including '70s composer/experimental artist Igor Wakhévitch and the glorious first half of fire! orchestra's exit!

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Shock new release of the week is, of course, the new My Bloody Valentine - long time coming, short time between announcement and release. It's pretty bloody good, following on directly from their previous effort, the little-known 1991 release Loveless. Of course that was a classic that nobody's managed to top in over two decades, and MBV themselves don't quite make it either, but this is well and truly a worthy successor, with some very interesting production (even for Kevin Bloody Shields) and some very lovely songs in there too.

Crab Smasher this week brought us some unreleased tracks circa their Impossible Monsters sessions (2007) and remind us why they were (and are?) one of the most exciting noise/free/electronic/punk bands to find their way out of the Central Coast (or anywhere else in Australia) in a long time.

The next track is an epic and garnered a pretty major response from the listeners. fire! orchestra is really the trio fire!, made up of Mats Gustafsson of The Thing, Johan Berthling of Tape and Andreas Werliin of Wildbirds & Peacedrums. It's that kind of free jazz/postrock/drone/noise hybrid that Norway and Sweden tend to produce, and their previous two albums were collaborations with Jim O'Rourke and Oren Ambarchi. This one is a collaboration with a huge list of Norwegian musicians, and it's an amazing feat that it doesn't turn into a huge mess of free jazz squalling soloing. Instead, it's two bass-driven grooves, with various vocalists singing lyrics by Arnold de Boer of The Ex. It's and ecstatic, magical work that doesn't scrimp on the wild free-jazz skronk when called for, but also isn't afraid to drop everything back to a single bassline or vocal. Just amazing.

Amazing, also, was the discovery of Igor Wakhévitch, French composer from the early to late '70s, psychedelic, electronic, and experimental. We have one track that could truly almost be a piece of acid techno lost in time, and some freaky bits of piano-and-drone. Some of his albums have been recently re-released on vinyl, but I've tracked down a CD box set from the late '90s.

And speaking of unearthed old material, Kettel's Reimer Eising has put together a compilation of unreleased music from 2002-2012, and there are some lovely gems of melodic idm in there. Pay what you like!

Karoshi's Beres Jackson has created Vacant Lake as a venture for his solo stuff, as Karoshi is now a band with his brother. That band put out a cracker of an EP last year, and the Vacant Lake one is a bit of a cracker too - just pure, melodic electronica.

Eskmo is known for his varied but always perfectly poised beats, whether dubstep or wonky or techno. This track, however, from his latest self-released EP, is a lovely piece of droney ambience. Talented fellow.

And to finish up tonight, I happen to have been listening to a lot of ISIS, and to herald the start of a new show following mine, Close To The Edge with Bird's Robe's Alex Tulett, I played a magnificent track from their magnificent 2002 album Oceanic. Post-metal FTW!

my bloody valentine - in another way [self-released]
my bloody valentine - to here knows when [Creation]
my bloody valentine - wonder 2 [self-released]
Crab Smasher - The Hollows [available from Bandcamp]
Crab Smasher - A Sad Day For Everybody [Monstera Deliciosa/available from Bandcamp]
fire! orchestra - exit! part one [rune grammofon]
Igor Wakhévitch - Rituel de Guerre des Esprits de la Terre [originally Atlantic, recently reissued (vinyl) by Fauni Gena]
Igor Wakhévitch - Spenta Aramati (Ritual Of The Zelator) [Pathé Marconi EMI]
Igor Wakhévitch - Taddy's Dream: Ramallah's Road [Pathé Marconi EMI]
Kettel - Slumbertime in Pittsburgh [Kettel Bandcamp]
Kettel - Tail in Coat [Kettel Bandcamp]
Vacant Lake - Residue [available from SoundCloud]
Karoshi - Blood In The Rain [available from Bandcamp]
Vacant Lake - Carry On [available from SoundCloud]
Eskmo - Deep Sea [Ancestor]
ISIS - the other [Ipecac]

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