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Saturday, 28th of July, 2012

Utility Fog news! New timeslot coming up! (9:22 pm)

9Like the prodigal son, I returned today to Australia, suitcase full of CDs, and I'll be playing a sampling of my loot (I haven't even listened to half of it all yet!) on Sunday night.

I return also with big news re UFog.
The back-story: You my have heard that my friend/colleague Stu Buchanan is finishing up New Weird Australia as a radio show — in fact, last Thursday was the last broadcast. Brooke & Scarlett (& co) are moving Ears Have Ears to Stu's Thursday night timeslot... AND SO...

Calm down, it's OK — I'm still here. But from next Sunday night, the 5th of August, I'm moving to 9-11pm. Coincidentally I begin this 9pm timeslot on Utility Fog's 9th birthday! After 9 years of ultra-late Sunday nights and 3hrs of radio a week, it'll be nice to be semi-human on Mondays again. You get to hear me at a more accessible hour, so I hope this makes up for cutting it down by an hour (maybe 2hrs is a more accessible length too?)

But 3hrs really has been luxurious, hasn't it? I get to play long pieces, and multiple tracks by key artists. So I am brewing up a plan to make up the lost hour with a supplemental podcast, perhaps, featuring a couple of artists or trends each week (if I can manage it). Likely not ready for next Sunday.
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