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Sunday, 11th of March, 2012

Playlist 11.03.12 (10:06 pm)

Interview tonight with Olli Aarni aka Nuojuva aka Ous Mal! Plus new future-jazz, mathematical drone, audio-visual work rudely stripped of its visual aspect, and more...
LISTEN AGAIN via the link at the bottom or the podcast, or stream at FBi On Demand.

Nuojuva is the new name for Finnish artist Olli Aarni, whose grainy sounds were previously released as Ous Mal. I talked to him live tonight about working with guests like Sophie Hutchings on piano and Rachel Evans of Motion Sickness of Time Travel on vocals. He suggested that his half-focused acoustic-meets-digital music feels like "pop" music to him — perhaps in the context of the very lively experimental music scene that Helsinki enjoys. Pop or not, the sounds are beautiful and highly listenable.

Also tonight we heard some exclusive (for now) mixes of a live set performed by Sydney's Alister Spence Trio last year at the People's Republic of Australasia. Featuring Spence on Fender Rhodes and piano, Lloyd Swanton on bass and Toby Hall on drums, the trio inhabit a similar space perhaps to other Sydney acts like 3ofmillions, Triosk and The Necks, but there's a particular moodiness to Spence's Fender Rhodes playing and the interplay between the artists that is quite special.

Scott Morrison has been active and well-known in the east coast music scene for a while, but it's only recently that, as Room40 put it, his work has been documented. He's resolutely an audio-visual artist, and the sounds are highly integrated with the video work. I was concerned that I would be doing his art a disservice by splitting the audio off from the visuals, but I felt the music was strong enough as it is, and asked Scott if it was alright to play it. Sensbily enough, he was fine with this :) - so we had one shortish pulsating track and then a longer track in which (literaly, I think) field recordings are slowly augmented with synthetic sounds. It's very lovely, but you ought to go and experience the music along with the accompanying visuals if you can! Some examples can be seen at his website.

We again revisit Charles Hayward tonight, with another track from his superb new album, vocals no less incisive than in the post-punk days. Afterwards, the title track of the only album from his post-This Heat band Camberwell Now, with his clattering drums and their punkish noise, ending with gorgeous bells floating out of the chaos.

Runningonair Music is a label that likes to release music (of all genres) that specifically bases itself in some way on science/technology/mathematics. The latest release comes from academic Guy Birkin and is called Symmetry Breaking. Rigourously applying mathematical techniques to his sound sources, he nevertheless manages to bring a musicality to the results, which can sometimes be lacking in the more cerebral end of experimental music. It helps that I just tend to find the sound of granular synthesis inherently attractive!

Ecka Liena had a release on Runningonair a few months ago under his real name, Daniel Mackenzie. He appears again on the latest Futuresequence compilation, SEQUENCE3, with a piece of his usual, always-compelling drone/postrock. Remember, the huge Sequence comps are always free on Bandcamp!

The Atlas Room recently relocated from Sydney to Melbourne, and his is the first track from him in a while - a nice slab of dark techno. A young artist worth watching.

From Telafonica's latest remix EP (all free on Bandcamp!), Hinterlandt pops There's Something About Your Face into 3/4 time and somehow reconfigures it all so it sounds quite natural.

Venetian Snares is of course well-known for his time signature misuse — most of his jungle/breakcore is in 7/8, hence his little boutique label being called TIMESIG. From his latest EP we had one track of not-drum'n'bass featuring his pitched-down vocals, and another pitting 20th-century classical samples against vocal samples chopped up to sound like drum'n'bass beats, among other madness.

To the US, just down south from VSnares' native Canada, we have Chase Dobson's c.db.sn, somewhat reminiscent of last week's feature artist The Flashbulb, complete with piano-meets-drill'n'bass on the last track. It's a surprisingly core-idm release from Tympanik Audio, and I approve.

Lastly, another preview track from the forthcoming Panoptique Electrical album, with encompassing ambient production from Jason Sweeney and soaring vocals from Richard Adams.

Nuojuva - Hämärään [Preservation]
Alister Spence Trio - Set 1b, live at People's Republic of Australasia [unreleased]
Scott Morrison - Dear Stan [Room40]
Ous Mal - Marraskuu (Pimmon's Shallow Grave mix) [Preservation]
...interview with Olli Aarni...
Nuojuva - Laakso [Preservation]
Ous Mal - hämäränvietto [downloaded from here]
Alister Spence Trio - Set 2a, live at People's Republic of Australasia [unreleased]
Charles Hayward - Swivel/Choose [CONTINUITY... Records/ReR Megacorp]
Camberwell Now - The Ghost Trade [Ink Records/reissued by ReR Megacorp]
Guy Birkin - Fourier-Gabor [Runningonair Music]
Guy Birkin - Gabor-Fourier [Runningonair Music]
Guy Birkin - Bass Drone 6c (Version 031) [Runningonair Music]
Ecka Liena - We Are Drowning Flight [Futuresequence]
Scott Morrison - And Like Stars It Exploded [Room40]
The Atlas Room - Projection I [demo]
Telafonica - There's Something About Your Face (Hinterlandt remix) [4-4-2 Music]
Venetian Snares - Ego DSP [Timesig/Planet µ]
c.db.sn - ...At The End Of It All [Tympanik Audio]
c.db.sn - As If December Never Happened [Tympanik Audio]
Venetian Snares - Fool The Detector [Timesig/Planet µ]
Panoptique Electrical - How The Sun Leaves (feat. Richard Adams of Hood) [Panoptique Electrical SoundCloud]

Listen again — ~ 153MB

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