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Sunday, 30th of October, 2011

Playlist 30.10.11 (10:09 pm)

Good evening, you. Love you. That's why I love playing you music. Hope you don't find that creepy.
Another evening of too much stuff tonight! Amazing sounds from China, Dntel reissue, and so much more...
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We start with the lovely electronic noise and periodical strings of Roly Porter, who was one half of industrial dubstep pioneers Vex'd. He keeps the bass and noise here but mostly rejects the beats in favour of swelling drones and more abstract strutures. It's pretty awesome.

Very exciting that finally Spartak's edits from their Japanese tour are available as Nippon. Brilliant Aussie post-rock/post-jazz/electronic sounds.

After a good few singles, dubstep chanteuse Emika is finally releasing her album. The singles features some pretty central dubstep names remixing her, such as Pinch. The album mostly keeps with the dubstep influence, although it's not as heavy as the various (male) remixers tend to make it. And that's stuff's great but it's lovely to hear another side of her shine through on the very classical solo piano closing track.

Canadian drone maestro Tim Hecker has been messing around with the piano lately, and it's a very effective addition to his fizzling Fennesz-style drones and ambience. His second album for the year presents "sketches" for Ravedeath, 1972, which to my ear sound just as well-formed and fully-produced as anything off the album proper.

Next up, we dive into a big loving special on the music of Dntel, aka Jimmy Tamborello, aka half of The Postal Service and so much more. I didn't even approach his work as James Figurine, or his many remixes, because mainly I'm celebrating Sub Pop beautiful ten-year anniversary reissue of his indietronic classic Life is Full of Possibilities, with an excellent remaster and a swag of additional tracks. I also revisited a couple of old favourites — the compilation track that introduced him to me earlier in 2001, and a track from a split 7" which has still not been re-issued or compiled anywhere else.

And lest we presume that indietronic started around 2001 with this release, we head back to 1992 with one of the early singles of the iconoclastic Disco Inferno, whose 5 EPs have just been (re-)collected One Little Indian. Theirs is a bewildering sound, crammed full of angular, odd samples and affecting, mopey indie songwriting. Big influence on one of my favourite bands of all time, Hood.

Sydney electronic-punk artist Simo Soo has just released a remix collection as companion to his new album. I find his shouty, brash sound a little hard to take, but he's always working with fantastic people, and the remixers here are top class. Nakagin takes him into floaty post-r'n'b territory, while Anonymeye is uncategorisable (in a good way).

And then it's time to head to China, courtesy of Tenzenmen. Shaun Tenzenmen has been instrumental in bringing many Chinese artists over here, and even more of their music. This batch includes some absolutely incredible folk/folk-rock. These bands are, I believe, well-established in their home country, and while the music wears its Western influences on its sleeves, it's unfailingly creative and idiosyncratic.
Low Wormwood and Traveler both have a classic folk rock sound, albeit with Chinese musical elements and of course Chinese lyrics. Meanwhile, Low Wormwood singer Liu Kun's solo album is a dazzling trip, with folk songs as its base, but with scraping viola solos a la John Cale, buzzing noise a la The For Carnation, occasional electronic beats and distorted noise. All this, and fantastic songwriting too (for all three). I only wish I could understand the lyrics.

Before a reprise of Simon Scott's album which I rather brashly declared "album of the year" last week (I'm sure it'll stand as *one of* them...), we had to hear two beautiful scintillating tracks from Sweden's Ohayo, a collaboration between Ass and Tape, sounding exactly like a combination of those two acts — minimal, poised postrock.

Roly Porter - Tleilax [Subtext]
Spartak - Rail Star Mode [New Weird Australia]
Roly Porter - Corrin [Subtext]
Emika - Double Edge (Pinch remix) [Ninja Tune]
Emika - Count Backwards [Ninja Tune]
Emika - Credit Theme [Ninja Tune]
Tim Hecker - Sketch 1 [Kranky]
Tim Hecker - In The Air 1 [Kranky]
Tim Hecker - The Piano Drop [Kranky]
Tim Hecker - Sketch 9 [Kranky]
Dntel - Anywhere Anyone (feat. Mia Doi Todd) (Pearson Sound Beatless Reduction) [Sub Pop (originally Plug Research]
Dntel - If I Don't Return [dublab/Emperor Norton]
Dntel - This Is How It Will Be All Over [Sub Pop (originally Plug Research]
Dntel - Suddenly Is Sooner Than You Think (feat. Meredith Figurine) [Sub Pop (originally Plug Research]
Dntel - Sorry_ [Sub Pop]
Dntel - don't get your hopes up [Rocket Racer]
The Postal Service - We Will Become Sillhouettes [Sub Pop]
Disco Inferno - Love Stepping Out [One Little Indian]
Simo Soo - Breakfast (Nakagin remix) [original on Lesstalk. Download remix album free here]
Simo Soo - Shannyn Sossamon vs KISS Army (Anonymeye-Was Made For Loving You remix) [original on Lesstalk. Download remix album free here]
Low Wormwood - February / The Sketch And The Light [Tenzenmen/buy from Bandcamp]
Liu Kun - Nothing [Tenzenmen/buy from Bandcamp]
Liu Kun - Don't Wake Her Up [Tenzenmen/buy from Bandcamp]
Traveler - Fire of Desire [Tenzenmen/buy from Bandcamp]
Low Wormwood - Mahatma [Tenzenmen/buy from Bandcamp]
Liu Kun - Where Do You Place Your Soul? [Tenzenmen/buy from Bandcamp]
Ohayo - Again Soon After Sunset [Häpna]
Ohayo - Shadowed by Trees [Häpna]
Simon Scott - Drilla [Miasmah]

Listen again — ~ 155MB

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