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Sunday, 21st of August, 2011

Playlist 21.08.11 (10:58 pm)

Evening! After a huge weekend rehearsing and performing at the Graphic Festival, I'm in the mood for some radio. Lucky I'm doing 3 hours for you as usual tonight hey!
I had the honour of playing strings with Plaid, and I'm going to play faves from their back catalogue tonight, in amongst the slews of new stuff...
LISTEN AGAIN - link at bottom of playlist, podcast also available, and you can also stream it on demand (best option if you'll be listening while online).

Canberra's Reuben Ingall starts the show with his live-glitched guitar and vocals. It's very impressive to hear these tracks demonstrating how great he is at processing his guitar live, while still crafting great indie songs. More of this kind of thing, please.
William Ryan Fritch is unstoppable, and proves it this week by releasing an entire album of b-sides from his Vieo Abiungo project a week and a half before the new album comes out (along with a remix disc), and only a year or so since the first album — while he's also been part of SkyRider Band (see later in the show).
The b-sides/outtakes are all good enough to have appeared on the album proper too!

Pete Swanson hasn't slowed down since the breakup of the Yellow Swans. His new EP is available digitally and encompasses three beautiful noisy drone tracks, although there's more detail in the arrangements here than straight drone.
And from a few years back, I played a solo track by the other half of Yellow Swans as well, GMS.

Animals on Wheels continues to impress with his 8 EPs in 8 Weeks. Number 4 is very varied, and mostly quite unlike what we might have come to expect from him. More like his Andrew Coleman stuff, it still surprises with a piece of shoegazey electric guitar rock, among other things. Highly recommended (and free! Go get it now!)

After that AoW track it's only appropriate that we go to Seattle-based shoegaze duo Golden Gardens, with a track from their forthcoming album. It's very much early-'90s-style shoegaze, with a few electronic updates, and nicely done.

Although shoegaze is part of their sound, Melbourne's I'lls' have a strong electronic element in the studio edits, as well as some nice heavy bass moments. Their Threads EP is available now on Bandcamp and is the recommendation of the week.

Then off we went into the Plaid special, witnessing just how much blissful emotion they can infuse into their electronica — including the 1995 track from when they were still 2/3 of The Black Dog.
Mara Carlyle used to be married to Andy from Plaid, and she sang on most of their earlier albums. This track, from her exquisite 2004 album The Lovely, is a reworking for strings of a hidden track from Plaid's Rest Proof Clockwork album.

After another forthcoming Golden Gardens track we heard a newie from Balam Acab, plus the track that put him on the map. I haven't gotten on board with Balam Acab as much as with, say, Clams Casino, and a lot of the new album leans too much towards the r'n'b side of his samples for my taste. Still, he's onto something pretty special, no doubt.

I was shocked (shocked, I say!) to discover this week that two new Autechre tracks came out recently and slipped under my radar. The one I played came from a 76-track (ouch) Japan benefit compilation with a few special appearances such as Ae, and it's a sortof abrasive sped-up electro thing. There's another which was given away with tickets to an ATP in the UK. I've tracked it down and I'll probably play it next week.

Sydney postrock gods (hehe) Underlapper have released a free Bandcamp single with a few new tracks. FBi’s own Loopsnake does a sterling job, as to Telafonica (sounds like a job for next week's playlist!)

Speaking of remixes, how about Australia's current #1 single from Gotye? Pretty amazing piece of perfect pop, hey? Tim Shiel aka Faux Pas emailed around his radical reworking earlier this week, and I don't think it's available to the general public in completed form yet, so there you go!
His album also isn't officially out, but was available at his Graphic gigs this weekend. I played a low-key dubby electronic song, and then the awesome chopped-up vocal layered "The Only Way" from his previous album.

Speaking of perfect pop and ultra-tweaked/chopped drums, how about a stone cold classic from 10 years ago courtesy Funkstörung mit Jay-Jay Johanson? Yes. There's always room for this song in any playlist, ever.

There is also always room for Luke Vibert, surely. I almost tweeted during this song "Everybody likes Luke Vibert", but it probably would have distressed those who are already bemused by 2/3 of what I tweet. But everybody does love Luke Vibert, right? This is an exclusive from that Japan benefit, so get on it, peeps! Head-nodding sample-heavy hip-hop done right.

We hear again from Sole & the SkyRider Band’s surprisingly poppy new album Hello Cruel World. Here he's joined by underground hip-hop superstar Lil B & electronic musician Pictureplane. I cannot recommend highly enough this brilliant refix by SkyRider of the entire album, in post-dubstep/glitch-hop fashion.

Machinedrum’s Room(s) is one of the best dance music releases in recent memory. I thought we should hear a bit more of his past, and we can see what a contemporary he was of early Prefuse 73, with fusion glitch-hop plus more folktronic sounds as tstewart.

To finish up, two more sedate Aussie tracks — another newie from Reuben Ingall, and my fave from the new Anonymeye album.

Reuben Ingall - dog/dogs [free download from Bandcamp]
vieo abiungo - drowsy salted morning [Lost Tribe Sound]
vieo abiungo - cold clotted limbs [vieo.albm.fm] {free b-sides download album for an email!}
Pete Swanson - Cocktail Champion [three lobed recordings]
GMS - Hollow and Full [Red 76/Bootylegs]
Animals on Wheels - Finally Dumb [free download from Animals on Wheels]
Animals on Wheels - Indeed [free download from Animals on Wheels]
Golden Gardens - The Empress [forthcoming via Bandcamp]
I'lls' - Take Higher Ground [available from Bandcamp]
I'lls' - To Not Second Guess Oneself [available from Bandcamp]
Plaid - Eyen [Warp]
The Black Dog - Chesh [Warp]
Plaid - Shackbu [Warp]
Mara Carlyle - It's Time [Accidental Records]
Golden Gardens - Shimmerine [forthcoming via Bandcamp]
Balam Acab - Fragile Hope [Tri-Angle]
Balam Acab - See Birds (Moon) [Tri-Angle]
Autechre - Ts1a [ICASEA] {available from Bandcamp}
Underlapper - Those Six Skeletons (Loopsnake remix) [Feral Media] {free download from Bandcamp}
Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra) (Faux Pas remix) [direct from Faux Pas... not sure where you'll be able to get it!]
Gotye - Don't Worry We'll Be Watching You [Eleven]
Gotye - The Only Way [self-released]
Funkstörung mit Jay-Jay Johanson - I Want Some Fun [Studio !K7]
Luke Vibert - Childance [ICASEA] {available from Bandcamp}
Sole & the SkyRider Band - Bad Captain Swag (feat. Lil B & Pictureplane) [Fake Four/Equinox Records]
Machinedrum - U Don't Survive [Planet µ]
Machinedrum - Half The Battle [Merck]
tstewart - jess [Merck]
Reuben Ingall - fog [free download from Bandcamp]
Anonymeye - Meritocracy [Someone Good]

Listen again — ~ 160MB

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