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Sunday, 8th of August, 2010

Playlist 08.08.10 (11:16 pm)

OHAI. Are you looking for how to LISTEN AGAIN to this astounding and glorious slab of radio? Find your way to the bottom of the playlist, and there your needs shall be sated.

OK, I shall now attempt to write this thing. So much great music after all!
We start with On, a collaboration between the very ambient Sylvain Chauveau and percussionist and experimentalist Sebastian Hess. Chauveau is known for minimalist compositions for piano and other instruments, but here plays guitar, while Hess's ride cymbals and drums float into the mix now and then. This whole album was mixed by Christian Fennesz, and has his usual lovely haze over it. It's tended to wash over me on most listens so far, though.

And then BAM!, straight into it with Kammerflimmer Kollektief. I played a couple of tracks from their new album, the second(?) to feature the vocals (and various instruments) of Heike Aumüller, especially impressive in the last Kammerflimmer track I played. In between, a bunch of older tracks, going back more than 10 years, starting off quite noisy and percussive, through that particular German strain of dubby post-rock, and nice glitchy instrumental stuff.

Then a little bit of the wonderful pop of Menomena. Their new album is perhaps their most straightlaced, but was still constructed by the band sampling themselves and pieceing songs together in unusual ways. In between two songs from their new album Mines, we heard something very UFog - I had to excerpt it, so we had the last 2/3 of one of the tracks from their Under An Hour album, a fully-instrumental album of 3 long tracks, a soundtrack to a dance work. The familiar Menomena style, great drums, piano lines sidling alongside the barlines, massed saxophones etc (not all at once!) make it constantly re-listenable.

We have a one-track preview of DM Stith remix/cover action tonight - I just didn't have a chance to listen to this double CD in time, but Son Lux is always reliable. Turns out I should've played the Roberto C Lange directly before it, and there's heaps of good value on the album, so, more next week!

Also from the "just arrived" pile is Take’s album finally on CD. I've had a digital version for some time, so just the one track tonight, with lugubrious slowed-down vocals and typical LA-style production — synths and wonky beats and all.

Then dubstep heavy Mala (who was brought out for an era-defining gig at the Abercrombie in Chippendale a few years back, just as dubstep was starting to hit Oz bigtime) brings us a track from a split 12” with Four Tet, who is in his 4/4 mode still and um, fairly boring as a consequence. His remix of Jon Hopkins is actually quite pretty, but irons out the true charm of the track, as we hear directly afterwards (actually, that tune is one of a few absolutely magical pieces on Insides).

As we heard a few weeks ago, grime maestro Wiley recently released a ridiculous amount of music for free via Twitter. This week, another brilliant grime producer, Terror Danjah, put out an entire instrumental album for free (he also has something on Planet µ), and it was about as badly-tagged as the Wiley stuff, so it took me until after I played the track to realise it was a remix :)

The redoutable Chris Cook, a somewhat under-the-radar English artist, has a new EP out as Hot Roddy, on the Bit-Phalanx label. If you can get past the yucky all-Flash site, it's a free download too. A mix of electronica, from the excellent almost-dubstep-influenced track I played tonight to nostalgic drill'n'bass...

Sydney all-girl band Ah! Pandita have just released a split 7” with folktronic/electronic artist Karoshi, so it's great to hear one remix the other (from the digital version of the EP).

Also with the remix action, one-time indietronic hero Dntel hasn't released much really great stuff for a while (sorry, the James Figurine stuff is a bit too techno-meets-cheesy-electronic-pop on the whole, and Dntel album #2 was mostly lame), but he remixes LA wonky-meets-indie artist Baths in fine style. I should have the Baths album for you next week.
Meanwhile Dntel continues to prove me wrong with a really brilliant instrumental track which, yet again, you can download for free! (see playlist below)

Not to be outdone with remixlandia, Melbourne's riffy postrock outfit The Black Hundred are glitched up by Marcus Newman, who was last seen on these shores remixing another Melbourne postrock band, Radiant City. A seriously great surprise that you can get by purchasing the whole EP at their Bandcamp.

And now for some noise. I sortof wanted to play this stuff earlier, but I'm glad I fitted it in. The North Sea is Brad Rose, who runs Digitalis Industries - an online music magazine, a publisher, a producer of limited-edition cassettes and CDRs... and as well as all that, he makes incredible drone-noise stuff like we heard tonight. This is uncompromising sound, and yet tremendously listenable. So listen!

Another album I needed to listen to more after I first played it was the collaboration between So Percussion & Matmos. There are a number of great tracks there, and it seems like a true collaboration - creativity from both groups, melding together into a complete entity. Contemporary improv/composition/electronic squiggliness.

Oh, and those other Sydney electronic whizz-kids Seekae remix the aforementioned Karoshi, also from that digital EP.

Finally, Montreal lo-fi indie experimentalist Benoît Pioulard is back with another album on kranky, and this very poppy tune is the first we get to hear from it. Here's hoping the album is as varied and fascinating as his previous efforts.

On - Something That Has Form And Something That Does Not (mixed etc by Fennesz) [Type]
Kammerflimmer Kollektief - In Transition (Version) [Staubgold]
Kammerflimmer Kollektief - Nachtwach [payola]
Kammerflimmer Kollektief - Hysteria [Quecksilber]
Kammerflimmer Kollektief - Neumond inselhin [Temporary Residence]
Kammerflimmer Kollektief - Aum A Go-Go [Staubgold]
Menomena - Lunchmeat [Barsuk]
Menomena - Light (excerpt) [Barsuk]
Menomena - Intil [Barsuk]
DM Stith - BMB (Son Lux remix featuring Carlosaur) [Asthmatic Kitty]
Take - Creosote (featuring As Is) [Alpha Pup]
Mala - Let Me Go [Soul Jazz]
Jon Hopkins - Vessel (Four Tet remix) [Domino]
Jon Hopkins - Vessel [Domino]
Wiley - Taplin (Terror Danjah Refix) [Butterz] {self-released, free album thingy!}
Hot Roddy - The Quant Noise Super Hightway [Bit-Phalanx] {free download from label site}
Ah! Pandita - Gone Missing (Karoshi remix) [split 7" self-released by these two artists?]
Baths - Rain Smell (Dntel remix) [anticon.] {free download via Dntel's SoundCloud}
Dntel - Super Antihistamine [Peppermill Records] {free download here!}
The Black Hundred - Not Tired of You (Marcus Newman's Freaking Wet Remix) [self-released through Bandcamp]
The North Sea - Bloodlines [Type]
The North Sea - Missed [Type]
So Percussion & Matmos - Cross [Cantaloupe]
Karoshi - Sleepwalker (Seekae remix) [split 7"]
Benoît Pioulard - RTO [kranky]

Listen again — ~ 174MB

One Response to “Playlist 08.08.10”

  1. Marcus Newman Says:

    Thanks for playing the The Black Hundred – Not Tired of You (Marcus Newman’s Freaking Wet Remix)!

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