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Sunday, 13th of September, 2009

Playlist 13.09.09 (11:12 pm)

Tonight we had heaps of great Aussie and Sydney music, and heck, heaps of great overseas musics too!
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Sydneysider edwin montgomery is launching not one but TWO albums this coming Friday night, the 18th of September, at Bill & George in Redfern. Should be an awesome night with polyfox and the union of the most ghosts coming down from the Central Coast as well.
We heard an original number from his new(er) album, woken up in a strange place, and later on we had one of the numerous excellent covers off that album, and an epic piece from roads, as well as two delightful (as always) polyfox tracks.
After Edwin, we had Grace Before Meals’ pop hit (if only) before heading into electronic territory...
Lusine’s new album is charming the pants off many an FBi listener at the moment. I thought it'd be nice to delve into his earlier work. I couldn't find anything as "L'usine" (I think it must be on vinyl) but found some excellent tunes as Lusine ICL from a couple of compilations - one more minimal and one more frenetic.
We also had one lovely tune from the best dubstep/wonky albums I've heard of late - Silkie’s City Limits Volume One.

Tonight's guest was violist and vocalist Nadene Pita, from whose lovely album we heard two tracks. Nadene is launching the album at Stone Gallery (Paddington Uniting Church) this Saturday, the 19th of September - with guests like Kate Adams & Chris Abrahams in a semi-improvised format, it should be great.
Still on a string tip, we heard a track from Melbourne cellist Gareth Skinner’s forthcoming second solo album. It's a pretty amazing brew of all-out misanthropic rock and delicate Arthur Russell-like stuff such as the track I played tonight. I can't wait to play more next Sunday.
Keith Mason’s new album has been a LONG TIME coming. To prove it, I played an awesome track from the new one and an awesome track from the old one, which came out 8 years previous. How glitched-up scrambled vocal samples and grungey blues guitar fit together so well is anybody's guess.
From the album I featured last week, Italian duo Tellaro gave us another cut of their indie/folktronica, and then we had something rather beautiful and un-droney from Jasper TX, from a couple of years back. In a similar vein, we revisited the latest album Italian post-rock stalwarts Giardini di Mirò, a soundtrack album of some impressive musical breadth.
After more Edwin and some Polyfox, we had some beautiful shimmering crackles from aus’s Light in August, Later - Japanese music on a Brisbane label, as well as State River Widening’s very SRWesque remix of aus from last year.
Staying in Japan briefly, we had a riff-a-riffic taste of LITE’s math-rock. And then sticking with all-caps bands, another fantastic track from HEALTH’s new noise/shoegaze opus, Get Color.
New Sydney artist End Pitch gave us a bit of zany electronica, and Silver Bone Tone gets all noisey and droney for us, and it does him good.
More noise from the wonderful new Noveller album on No Fun, and we finish with an excellent Pink Reason track which I've played before, but it's so perfectly morose, not to mention a little bit evil that it needed another spin.

edwin montgomery - the river [self-released]
Grace Before Meals - Runway Approach Lights [CAD Factory]
Lusine - Cirrus [Ghostly International]
Lusine Icl - Neon [u-cover]
Lusine Icl - shin [Tigerbeat6]
Silkie - Beauty [Deep Medi]
Nadene Pita - Burn [self-released]
...interview with Nadene Pita...
Nadene Pita - Parachute Man [self-released]
Gareth Skinner - Wingspan [Rubber Records]
K Mason - Bows and Arrows [K Mason]
K Mason - Non Song 1 [Lo-fi Killers, re-released on Spanish Magic but again out of print]
Tellaro - Vacuum [2nd rec]
Jasper TX - Bending spoons [pumpkin seeds in the sand]
Giardini di Mirò - La cenere (part II) [Unhip]
edwin montgomery - mountain (mist--from the top) [self-released]
edwin montgomery - the black angel's death song [self-released] {Velvet Underground cover}
polyfox and the union of the most ghosts - upset polyfox finds monofrog blissfully basking [Monstera Deliciosa]
polyfox and the union of the most ghosts - hang by a thread [skyhut]
aus - a world of dazzle [Someone Good]
aus - Headphone Girl (State River Widening Remix) [Preco]
LITE - Ef [seven four records]
HEALTH - In Violet [Popfrenzy]
End Pitch - Ya [demo]
Silver Bone Tone - Big Rev [demo]
Noveller - Rainbows [No Fun]
Pink Reason - New Violence [Savage Quality Recordings]

New! Listen again — sticking with one big file, ~259MB.

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