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Sunday, 19th of July, 2009

Playlist 19.07.09 (11:12 pm)

I've been uploading mp3s of the shows for the last month or so, so you can listen again to your heart's content! See bottom of post.
We had a long and somewhat in-depth interview with Michael Tee tonight, regarding the legendary Sydney experimental label M Squared. This coming Sunday, the 26th of July, there will be a special M Squared event at the CAD Factory in Marrickville, at which a re-formed Scattered Order “Mark 1” and also The Makers of the Dead Travel Fast will be performing. This is a must-see event, everybody!

If you just want to listen to the interview, you can download it separately here as a 1-hour mp3, complete with the musical samplings as catalogued below.

We started with something magisterial and intense from sunnO))), in which the Hungarian phrase which is clumped up in the song's subtitle is intoned by an amazing choir while the band does its usual immense sludge-rock thing.
We followed this with laptop-improv supergroup FennO'Berg, and the John Barry-sampling "Fenn O'Berg Theme" from their first album, just re-released as a double-CD set with their second album by Editions Mego. Still as brilliant as ever, 10 years on.
During the 1-hour interview with Michael Tee, I played music from Scattered Order, The Makers of the Dead Travel Fast and the Systematics, from the very early '80s, as well as one Scattered Order track from their reason rehearsal sessions - a little glimpse of what they'll be playing next Sunday!
Scattered Order's last track (from 1983) melded rather nicely (if I say so myself) into Locust’s classic piece of digitally distorted noise-hop, "Penetration", from 1995.
This allowed me to segue into a few noise pieces. We had two tracks from Hospital Productions head honcho Prurient - the first is from one of the loudest-mastered albums I've ever heard, and it's awesome. The other is, er, much quieter. And we had an awesome Burning Star Core track from an awesome untitled 3CD noise comp co-released by 3 labels back in 2007. We'll hear more from it next week as I only just picked it up (on the cheap) from Norman Records (no longer the cheap price there though!)
Avowed M Squared fan pimmon followed with his track from the New Weird Australia Vol 1 comp.
Finally got hold of the new The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble EP on CD, and it's very lovely indeed. Jason Köhnen of Bong-Ra and Gideon Kiers are joined by cello, flute, guitar and more.
Meanwhile Toronto emo-breakcore trio belladonnakillz have a new album out, and I played the somewhat dubsteppy number that closes the album. Indeed, we had a little mini-dubstep/wonky set, with Nosaj Thing & Eskmo representing for the Bay Area, Clubroot (oh so wonderful) for the UK, and P-Vans for NZ, released by FBi's own Garage Pressure.
Another awesome Bike For Three! track from their debut album, with Buck 65 bringing a very fine lyric.
Also in fine form is Cex, whose latest release is a pair of 12"s entitled Bataille Royale. It can be purchased right now from cexja.ms and features premium itchy house and glitchy hip-hop.
We finished with the slightly glitchy jazz-improv of Canberra's Pollen Trio, truly a band to watch.

sunnO))) - Big Church (Megszentségteleníthetetlenségeskedéseitekért) [Southern Lord]
FennO'Berg - Fenn O'Berg Theme [Editions Mego]
...Interview with Michael Tee and various M Squared tracks...
Scattered Order - Swiss Like Knives And Forks [M Squared]
Scattered Order Mk 1 - Art Delay [unreleased new track]
The Makers of the Dead Travel Fast - Tael of a Seaghors [M Squared/Extreme]
Systematics - Fat Cows Go Down An Eastern Beach [M Squared/Vinyl on Demand]
Scattered Order - The Pilot Reads Crosswords [M Squared]
...end of M Squared special...
Locust - Penetration [R&S Records]
Prurient - Memory Repeating [No Fun Productions]
Prurient - Striped Swimsuit [Hospital Productions]
Burning Star Core - Let's Name her Snowy cuz it's Snowy Outside [Public Guilt]
pimmon - On The Other Hand This Carbon Fire Is (Flammable) [New Weird Australia] {available for free download here!}
The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble - München [Ad Noiseam]
belladonnakillz - my dream [dross:tik]
Nosaj Thing - heart entire [Nosaj Thing]
Nosaj Thing - 1685/Bach [Alpha Pup]
Eskmo - Agnus Dei [Ancestor Media]
Clubroot - Dulcet [Lo Dubs]
P-Vans - Wasps [Aquatic Lab]
Bike For Three! - Let's Never Meet [Anticon]
Cex - Pond & Hooper [cexja.ms]
Pollen Trio - File In [hellosQuarerecordings]

New! Listen again: part 1; part 2; part 3.

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