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Sunday, 17th of May, 2009

Playlist 17.05.09 (11:11 pm)

Good evening... Starting with the pop tonight!
Awesome to have the proper CD edition (rather than badly-ripped pirated edition) of Grizzly Bear's new album Veckatimest available in stores now. I played two tracks from the new album plus a couple from their first album & remix album. Plus an awesome b-side from Andrew Bird's fairly hard-to-find new single.
And the flipside to the Menomena track from last week.
New discovery Banjo or Freakout is an Italian musician living in London and making extremely eclectic music. He's made a name out of doing covers of unexpected songs, which I'll have to seek out for you for next week, but these tracks range from glitchy indie to shoegazey noisepop.
Also on the experimental pop tip are Melbourne's awesome Psuche, whose album has lived up to expectations as pretty much unlike anything else out there at the moment. In a good way :)
Then we took a sudden turn for the wonky, with Jamie Vex'd’s new 12" and another amazing tune from San Francisco's Eskmo, followed by some more Bay Area dubstep courtesy of Ripple & The Antiserum (very heavy it was too). FBi's Sunsets album of the week from Martyn has me in two minds - I'm not entirely convinced by the tempos and moods, but he's definitely a great producer.
Two more dubsteppy tunes - nice and dark from iTAL tEK, and a surprise entry from Animals on Wheels, who started off in the drill'n'bass world and moved into electro-acoustic and ambient works, but does a great job of dubstep here. He's got a new 12" out which I'll be playing in a couple of weeks - can't wait!
Somehow HTRK's dirgepunk comes nicely out of the dubby sludge, after which a beautiful piece of electronic shoegaze from Hoof & Antler, who are playing at Dirty Shirlow's this Friday night.
soccer Committee & Machinefabriek put out a wonderful collaborative album last year with Mariska Baar's singing and songwriting and Rutger Zuydervelt's amazing sound design/production. Easily album of the week this week is the beautiful remix album redrawn, from which I took two tracks.
In between I played a lovely track from Melbourne's Felicity Mangan, the first for tonight from hellosQuare's series of 3" CDs featuring hand-sewn felt sleeves.
Then we had the stunning Burning Star Core track from Tiny Mix TapesDarfur compilation (a repeat from last week), and also took the awesomely bizarre Balroynigress track from that compilation.
Trying to wrap my head around the new Black Dice album - not sure I'm that fond of it! Still, "Glazin" is a fun ridiculous track.
Heaps more hellosQuare music: Portland musician Strategy has an 18-minute piece of improvised dubby ambience - it's really beautiful, but I was only able to play the last 10-11 minutes. And Perth's Adam Trainer makes a return to UFog's hallways with a lovely shoegazey and noisy piece - more next week!
To round out the show, another piece of perfect Americana from Fire on Fire, a track from Aleks & the Ramps's new album (FBi's album of the week! I haven't had a chance to listen properly yet though), and the final hellosQuare 3", which is Cleptoclectics being his usual oblique sampladelic self. Fans of Prefuse 73 should enjoy.
Finally, I managed to sneak in another track from Minus the Bear's remix album, with a heavy glitchy piece from Plan B. Nice.

Grizzly Bear - Southern Point [Warp]
Andrew Bird - Sectionate City [Bella Union]
Grizzly Bear - Don't Ask (Final Fantasy version) [Kanine]
Grizzly Bear - Deep Sea Diver [Kanine]
Grizzly Bear - Foreground [Warp]
Menomena - Posh Isolation [Polyvinyl]
Banjo or Freakout - 72 (Everything Fast) [rcrdlbl]
Psuche - Ulfhenden [Two Bright Lakes]
Banjo or Freakout - The Week Before [Half Machine Records]
Psuche - Upskirt [Two Bright Lakes]
Jamie Vex'd - In System Travel [Planet µ]
Eskmo - San Francisco (The Rhythm) [Ancestor Media]
Ripple & The Antiserum - Blaze It [Full Melt Records]
Martyn - Little Things [3042]
iTAL tEK - Massive Error [Planet µ]
Animals on Wheels - Coping [Acroplane]
HTRK - Ha [BLAST First (petite)]
Hoof & Antler - My Name Is Bryan Brown, Don't Throw Your Spears At Me [demo]
soccer Committee / Machinefabriek - for i am distant (taylor deupree remix) [Machinefabriek]
Felicity Mangan - track 1 from Half Finished World [hellosQuare]
soccer Committee / Machinefabriek - a reversion to thole (lawrence english remix) [Machinefabriek]
Burning Star Core - Incurable Beauty of the Master's Demise [Tiny Mix Tapes]
Black Dice - Glazin [Paw Tracks/Mistletone]
Balroynigress - Dress the Ship in Black [Tiny Mix Tapes]
Strategy - Sines of Life [hellosQuare]
Adam Trainer - Come Back: I'll Change [hellosQuare]
Fire on Fire - Squeeze Box [Young God Records]
Aleks & the Ramps - Boy Meets Ghost [through Stomp]
Cleptoclectics - golden fleecing [hellosQuare]
Minus the Bear - The Fix (Plan B remix) [Suicide Squeeze]

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