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Sunday, 17th of August, 2008

Playlist 17.08.08 (11:10 pm)

Hiya. Tonight it's a bit of an exploration of nouveau-naïveté through a few lovely artists like Sweden's Hans Appelqvist, Germany's Flim and Americans Lucky Dragons and High Places.
Also in there, Appelqvist's Häpna compatriots Tape, multinational jazz/postrock/electronica band Strings of Consciousness, and some minimal Moteer goodness from Italy's Con_cetta.
Finished with a track from Adelaide's very versatile DJ TR!P, from whom more next week!
And starting with some gorgeous stuff from intr_version label boss Mitchell Akiyama, on French label Bip-Hop.

Mitchell Akiyama - The Tactile Properties of Light [Bip-Hop]
Spartak - Can You See The Snow, Love? [hellosQuare]
John Chantler - ...No Sad Songs Tonight [hellosQuare]
Spartak - Ostpolitik (Part Timer's Ost Is Ost mix) [hellosQuare]
Tape - Sunrefrain [Häpna]
Tape - Altamira [Häpna]
Hans Appelqvist - Ser ni Lena jag ser Lena och Ola [Komplott]
Hans Appelqvist - 5x5 / Samiels eftermiddag [Komplott]
Hans Appelqvist - On the Beach [Häpna]
Hans Appelqvist - Jag en gök [Häpna]
Flim - Picture 3 [PowerShovel
Flim - Picture 7 [PowerShovel Audio]
Flim - Linker2 [Tomlab]
Tape - Beams [Häpna]
Lucky Dragons - ikeepwaitingforearthquakes [Hawks and Sparrows/Mistletone]
Lucky Dragons - Heartbreaker [555 Recordings]
Lucky Dragons - Cherchez Le Dragon [555 Recordings]
Lucky Dragons - oh i understand [Hawks and Sparrows/Mistletone]
High Places - Jump In (for Gilkey Elementary School) [Thrill Jockey/Mistletone]
Firekites - Worn Weary [Spunk]
Strings of Consciousness - Crest & Watersheds [Stilll]
Strings of Consciousness - remixed by Sutekh [Stilll]
absent - surface scratches [unreleased demo]
Pole - Sachte [~scape]
Comatone & Foley (aka Trigger Happy) - Prayer Bowl [self-released through Vitamin]
Con_cetta - Megamix by Part Timer [Moteer]
Con_cetta - Connected Formingaveraging Positive [Moteer]
Comatone & Foley (aka Trigger Happy) - Heifen [self-released through Vitamin]
Foals - Red Sox (Various Production remix) [Various Production]
Plastician - Symptomatic [Terrorhythm]
Westernsynthetics - Electronic Cosmetics feat. Werdzvah [Sub Continental Dub]
DJ TR!P - In Dust We Try [demo]

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